Coffee and Boracay

Ola, haha! Just a quick post, let's talk coffee. Caramel machiatto would be the first coffee drink I'd ask from a coffee shop and Boracay has one of the best I've tasted. And no, it's not Starbucks (the only thing that I love at Starbucks Boracay is the view from the second floor 'cause you get to see the beachfront directly, best in the afternoon before sunset). I'm talking about another hole-in-the-wall coffee shops - Coffee House.

I'd probably compare the taste to Tully's Coffee minus the after taste of the strong espresso. Creamy would probably be the best word to describe it. My room mate ordered a Mocha Frappe but I think my drink tastes better.

Coffee House is located at Station 2 in front of Boracay Holiday Resort, they also serve pastries and cakes AND free wifi. Lol.


Joy with a C.