Hello BER-acay!

We bid goodbye to the August rush last Saturday, I thought it was really my month. Surprisingly, the last day of the rush was so amazing I almost forgot that the first quarter of the month was a struggle - we see things we are not supposed to see and we hear things we don't want to hear. Plans change but moving forward, we all get better and we all get fine, don't we?

I spent the rest of my afternoon with these girls who I find really amazing. One of them said, "For you to survive the island, you have to be outrageously insane". It hit me and geez, I felt proud being sanely insane at the same time time.

Brace yourself with one of the cutest tattoo I have seen on a woman's body. This is her own handwriting converted to a tattoo by the way.

One refreshing water melon shake, coming up! This made my day so much better!

Another activity that you should try when in Boracay is Frisbee.  The locals are so into it, the playground is the famous white beach. And since most accommodations here in Boracay (especially the ones situated at the beachfront) are already complying with the City Ordinance to move their facilities a few meters from the shore, this would mean more space to run and play. Yey!

On another note, Boracay is also famous for wedding proposals. Three Paraw boats maneuvered altogether with MARRY ME BABE sign. We saw one last week.

Can you prolly guess who among the 2 couples are just about to ring the bell soon? Haha!

My two faves as of this date: the bikini top from the room mate and THE precious thing which made my heart super giddy I palpitated and died in one corner. Funny how people surprise you just the way you like it. Aha, aha~

I bid August goodbye, thanks for the memories just like a Fall Out Boy song. I'm bound to spend my September afternoons watching sunset with these girls:

To more isla adventures, hello BER is here!


Joy with a C.
From the island of B