Crossing The Island - A Kite Surfer's Home

Attraversiamo. Let's cross over.

I first heard of this word from one of my favorite books (Eat.Pray.Love.). For more than half a year of staying here in Boracay, I haven't cross the island yet. I guess I'm a little too drawn to staying in one place for so long - appreciating every single flaws and dent of something and discovering the hidden happiness in it is how I define adventure. While people here in the island come and go, I stayed. Not just because I love Boracay so much but I think, the people who are meant to stay here are those who had all fine prints of sand, sun, sea, and sky written in their hearts like a special tattoo. Or life. Maybe love. Whatever.

I will have to thank my job again for letting me discover hidden places - some hole in the wall. Traditional accommodation (with big names) has always been a status symbol but believe me, you can find better if you dig in. A few months ago I crossed the island and I found another home. Lies across Boracay is a small bay called Union in the town of Nabas. Ten to fifteen minutes from the Caticlan Jetty Port, I found myself taking photos of MangoRiders Beach Club.

I got here via a tricycle - there are private vans that you can rent when you arrive at the port but when on a budget and travelling on a backpack, I suggest you take the tryke instead. Aside from the fact that it is cost effective, you will get to love the sea breeze more. Getting here is easy: tell the tryke driver to take you to Nabas (Unyon) and say Mangoriders. The signage is not prominent, I almost went past through it. The landmark would be Bahari (Marc Nelson's newly opened resort).

I love the details of the common area - yellow and blue. The mural was spray painted by a Filipino artist. Looks familiar? If you are Patapon player, you'll know what I mean. :)

MangoRiders Beach Club only have two room types - mostly fan rooms for guests to appreciate the nature more.

And they have only one air conditioned room with one of the most fab bathroom murals I have ever seen by far.  Here's a sneak peek:

Aside from accommodation, they do provide kite caddy service, kite storage, and kite courses. They also have available bikes for rent in case you want to go wandering on the main land. This is a great place if you like wind and flat water for kite boarding during the Amihan season.

I can't wait to go off island wandering in the next couple of days. I should do this more often, don't you think? ;p

Mangoriders Beach Club is located at Sitio Mampusa, Union, 5607 Nabas, Aklan. For reservations, you may contact this number: +639189424463.

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  1. Glad you like our place, feel free to come back anytime:-)