The La Boracay Lifestyle

Welcome to the low seasons here in boracay!

The white sand of Boracay has been my favorite playground for more than 6 months now. On my wee hours, I get to capture the beauty of the island and the “beauties” visiting and living on the island.

I have marked a special spot at White Beach Station 3 (near Asya Premiere Suites) I consider my studio - this is where I normally hold photo shoots for my friends. Here are some them:

The beach is for the ladies and ladies' most powerful weapon when in Boracay are their beautiful pair of bikinis. Now if you’re Boracay bound and haven’t found your perfect fit just yet, go to your favorite online shop and get a pair or two, maybe three even – swimwear can be a bit pricey here so I suggest better come in prepared instead. Zalora swimwear has a wide range of selection of colorful swim wears for different body types, perfect for beach goers just like I am.

Boracay Hymn - Island Called Boracay

If you have been to Boracay, you might have gotten an LSS of this song. This is an original composition and was performed by Ferns Tosco, a local artist of Boracay Island. You are most likely to hear the song at OJs or Bombom Bar at Station 2 near D'Mall whenever her band plays their island set. Lyrics below, enjoy the island vibe!



I wanna go back to the island called Boracay
And it feels like its where I belong
There I find peace, there’s a place I can call home, on the island called Boracay.

Verse I

Oh the water so blue and pure, sand is cold as a stone
Lying under the heat of the sun seems so cool
People are easy to get along, meeting different nations
Lying under the heat of the sun seems so cool.


Verse II

People smiles everywhere, playing waves it’s fun to tell.
People smiles everywhere, playing waves it’s fun to tell.



I thank the Heavens; it ,might be far yet so hard to climb
But when I step on that Island, I feel like I’ve reached the heavens above, Boracay Island!


On the island called Boracay (2x)
Oooh I wanna go back to the island called Boracay, heaven I feel you there!

Boracay Has A Secret - Part 2 (Hidden Gems of Boracay)

Ola ola from the isla! And internet is back to normal and I'm hopeful this laptop I've been using for the past few months won't give up on me. This sometimes make me miss the city where I used to live - my favorite IT friends are always of a huge help and are always ready to rescue whenever my computer screen turns black. But yeah, I'm independently living on the island (with a few help from my circle of trust) and life is still better here, so I guess I'm good. Sadly, we all need to learn how to live by our own means and not depend on people too much.

Anyway, this is the 2nd part of the places here in Boracay that I wanted to share because these places fascinated me so much I would love to come back here all over.

Boracay Has A Secret - Part 1 (Hidden Gems Of Boracay)

Boracay has a secret and I'm gonna share it today. If you have been following my instagram, you must have seen the photos I'm just about to showcase (Saying it like pro but no, I am not. I am, just to put emphasis on it, a hobbyist.)

Take it from me - Boracay is not just Boracay. For half a year that I have been living here, it feels like I am somewhere on the other side of the globe. For me it is heaven. While many think Boracay is luxury and a vacation place perfect to spend a holiday, for the residents and locals, this island is a home.

And what's an island life without a home or a place where you can really feel the island vibe, right? I've been to several areas of Boracay and probably you haven't heard of these unique accommodations unless you have read it from Trip Advisor. I bet.

But yeah, I'm gonna share it today hoping one day you'll say you've been here and you got the details from me. Enjoy!

No Regrets, No Goodbyes

Boracay is a small island. There's a part of the island called Mount Luho where you can get a 360 degree view of my island home.

First time I went there was just last Sunday, weekend has been sort of interesting and well, sort of fun. It felt like I crossed over, I almost lost myself in the moment and suddenly snapped back to reality. Living in the island means living with the reality that here, people do come and go.