Boracay Has A Secret - Part 2 (Hidden Gems of Boracay)

Ola ola from the isla! And internet is back to normal and I'm hopeful this laptop I've been using for the past few months won't give up on me. This sometimes make me miss the city where I used to live - my favorite IT friends are always of a huge help and are always ready to rescue whenever my computer screen turns black. But yeah, I'm independently living on the island (with a few help from my circle of trust) and life is still better here, so I guess I'm good. Sadly, we all need to learn how to live by our own means and not depend on people too much.

Anyway, this is the 2nd part of the places here in Boracay that I wanted to share because these places fascinated me so much I would love to come back here all over.

  • Bianca's Garden Apartment 

Just when I thought Pulang Lupa was the most exotic accommodation here in the island, I just got proven wrong a few weeks ago. Bianca's Garden Apartments is set within a secluded compound with it's private road beside King Fisher Farm - the land mark would be the only red gate from the intersection of the main road at Station 3 when you turn right coming from the jetty port. 

The facade is a mixture of pieces put perfectly together in harmony - oriental and vintages pieces, a touch of Bali and Puerto Rico in one but the feel is welcoming, very Filipino. I wonder how the artist mixed everything in one perfect shape.

I'd probably say that the room types of Bianca's Garden has pretty much good ventilation compared to the other resorts I have been too. One of the rooms has an amazing view of the Bulabog Beach. If you're a little privy and is looking for a place to rest and think (less the crowd of course), then this is it.

Another thing that I discovered recently is I easily get fascinated with kitchen, beds, and bathroom the most. I was in awe when I saw this at Bianca's Garden:

Who wouldn't want to stay for a few nights in this place? Here you can enjoy the quiet and charming spirit of Boracay, far away from the crowd and party scene.

I was able to meet the artist who gave life to Bianca's Garden and surprisingly, she's also the artist behind the beauty of Punta Rosa at White Beach Station 1. Guess what? I was lucky she showed me around her house.

So much of my fascination with bathrooms!

You might have seen this house somewhere like, Inflight Asia? Yes, it was once featured in an international airline magazine. Kudos to Irma's design, she is a very talented woman.
  • Mandala Spa and Villas Boracay

Mandala Spa and Villas has long been famous for their holistic baths and spa treatments (mind you, they already won international awards for superb excellent service.)

This award winning resort and spa offers travelers an array of tropical gardens and is designed to offer private, relaxing settings for guests. There's one type of villa specifically meant for focusing on Detox, Meditation and Yoga meaning no TV, no iPod dock, and no Wifi. Say goodbye to your online life. Bleh.

They have the most inviting bath tub I've seen in Boracay. Gaah I wanna plunge.

Add giant wooden doors on the list of things that fascinates me aside from kitchen, beds, and bathrooms.

A bed over looking the ocean (I secretly want to spend a night with someone here, hihi) AND BRACE YOURSELVES BECAUSE EVEN MY JAW DROPPED WHEN I SAW THIS:

Yeah, the most amazing bathroom like ever with pool. One with the nature. Open air. This absolutely exist in Boracay and is now included in my bucket list. One day I'm gonna be here for a night or two with someone and we will live happily ever after. Ha!
  • Nami Resort

Approximately a hundred feet above sea level,  The Nami Resort is located on the Diniwid Beach which is 15 minutes ride from D'Mall and 20 minutes walk from Station 1. This is not the peak but you can get a 180 degree vista of Boracay Island from the resort itself. Nami is a local language which means beautiful.

Of course, my favorite part of the rooms here at this resort are the majestic view of the sea from the cliff.

And the bathtub with sea view.

These are just some of Boracay's hidden gems, there are over 200 hotels and accommodations on the island I am yet to explore. Just keep on coming back on my personal space, I would really love to share more. By the way, instead of going to Manila next month, I just booked a flight going to Bohol. :)


Joy with a C.
From the Island of B.


  1. wow... ang ganda... i should put it on my bucket list.. :)

  2. ohmygod! Fantastic! I must add these to my bucket list! <3 <3 I badly wanna stay at biancas!