No Regrets, No Goodbyes

Boracay is a small island. There's a part of the island called Mount Luho where you can get a 360 degree view of my island home.

First time I went there was just last Sunday, weekend has been sort of interesting and well, sort of fun. It felt like I crossed over, I almost lost myself in the moment and suddenly snapped back to reality. Living in the island means living with the reality that here, people do come and go.

But not David - the Australian lad I recently met from the other side of the world. He said he will definitely come back and hopefully, he'll keep his promise so I can still show him around.

White coat, brown coat. Cock fighting and cockpit arena. Eats everything but will never try to eat Balut. Tattoo. Best friends with the sea. That's ok. Everything will be ok. Fleetwood Mac. Bound to conquer Asia (probably), or the world. Traveling on a backpack. Soft spot on kids. Willing to try any form of extreme activities (sorry can't join you on zipline). No regrets.

It was nice meeting you Dave. Thanks for not letting me drown myself to death (lol) and for providing me a life support (the floating device is now currently used by my big bear teddy), for the few talks we had and for sharing your dream. And lastly, for the baby Koala. You will someday realize what interest you the most, you will find yourself. Live your life with no regrets just like what you have always believed in. Please don't loose your backpack again. :)


Joy with a C.

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