Food Thrift Trip: Kainan Au Gusto

Kainan Au Gusto reminds me of my childhood days staying at my grandparent's house in Bolinao, Pangasinan. The ambiance of this place is rare and different compared to other diners I've visited - the surrounding is full of interesting antique pieces but they are branded as a Class A Carinderia. The area is naturally ventilated (although they have a few pieces of electric fans that you can use if you feel a little hot). Add the set of the classic Filipino music playing in the background, mostly contemporary and folk songs.

I first visited this place a few years ago, I actually thought it's an old antique shop. The moment you set foot on their hallway, you will see different kinds of vintage items for sale. There are some porcelain bowls, drawers, lamps, even old and rare paintings and capiz windows hanging on their wall. Who would have thought that these century -old pieces are just accessories to give way to their food specials?

Kainan Au Gusto serves their food the "turo-turo" way (point as you order says Jane Chua)  in a classy style. You will have the chance to take a sneak peak of the food they serve. Varieties of Filipino dishes are readily available. And the price? Turo-turo price and affordable too!

Spareribs Tausi | Kainan Au Gusto also serve snacks.

Pica-pica (Finger Foods)

Good food is great with Del Monte Pineapple Juice!

My all time favorite Pork Adobo
I regularly eat here, as this place is just a few steps away from my apartment. Waiters and cashiers know me already. They say that Kainan Au Gusto was built by the Dr. Boy Vazquez, owner and founder the famous Cafe Juanita, to serve and cater food to the construction workers working nearby for low prices. 

Kainan Au Gusto is just one of the few hole-in-the-walls here in Kapitolyo Pasig. Definitely a must go food place if you are looking for real value for your money. 

Off - note: They have a clean comfort room by the way. ;p


  1. I was here last week. Ilang tumbling sa bahay mo. And I hope you can modify the means to post comments on your blog. Medyo hassle eh. I'm using Wordpress kasi. :)

    Miss you.

  2. Kc naman switch to Blogger. And what's yer blog address?! How come I don't know about it?!

  3. very vintage look, lovely place