Nuffnang 5th Birthday Party - Borough, The Podium

Last Feb. 23, 2012, I received an email from Nuffnang's Community Manager inviting me (+ 1) to a party celebrating their 5th Birthday. Prior to that email, I posted a birthday greeting for them, hoping I could be included in the first 50 people and luckily got a slot. Yay!

Meeting new people and seeing new faces is on my list this 2012, I'm aiming to build a network of contacts for the project that I'm currently working on - "trying" being an operative word. ;p 

Anyway, I attended the event and was surprised to see and meet a few of the famous bloggers that I really admire. Not so much of their photos here because I was busy on something else, but the event - I honestly enjoyed it with the unlimited iced tea, buffalo wings, finger food, and take home cupcake. :)

Off note: Most of the photos are not mine, all of them are from Kuya. I let him hold my baby Cancan and take pictures but I did post processing so pardon with the watermark that says j(c)sd. It's always nice to have him around. :)

Venue: Borough NY Comfort Food (The Podium)

Borough has this strange  mix of  finger foods. They are always surprisingly yummy. ^__^

Everybody's in blue. Yay!

Sharing a table with Allen and Vanessa (not her real name I believe) , Nuffnangers and bloggers. :)

Yay! She just got a gift from Jack TV!

And of course, a photo at the photobooth (copy from Pose and Print ).



  1. Looks like you've had such a great time!