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OOTD - White Spaces

White OOTD
H&M Dress and Hair Accessories | Forever 21 Necklace | River Island Wedges 
I'm trying to keep my promise so hello! I guess I already found "my studio" (inserts evil laugh here). My room mates and I discovered it last week when I was looking for a nice spot to take my outfit photos for a collaboration with a clothing brand. I'm excited for it as well!

Lifestyle - Call It A Party

Ohai from Dubai!

You know the season in between winter and summer? We call it spring and this is my favorite time of the year in the UAE - the weather is so nice that all I want to do is go out and have some fun under the sun.

Afternoon Delight

I will now be working on a different schedule which means I'll have more time sharing things on my blog. I just hope my laptop won't give up on me. See, I told you previously things are getting pretty exciting around here.

A story about the photos on this post: I recently moved in with a roommate who happened to be fond of taking photos as well. Just like I am, she loves dressing up and some afternoons we play with what we have in our closet. And in lieu of the summer season, we came up with this.

I think my roommate will make a good photographer someday, don't you think?


Joy with a C.
From the island of B