Lifestyle - Call It A Party

Ohai from Dubai!

You know the season in between winter and summer? We call it spring and this is my favorite time of the year in the UAE - the weather is so nice that all I want to do is go out and have some fun under the sun.

Being the island girl that I used to be, dressing up for this type of season is easy. Fine, fine, I am no fashion blogger but hey I got some style too *wink*. It is unlikely for me to dress up but when I do, I make sure every piece match with each other.

Call It Spring UAE

Here's my style board for Spring/Summer 2015. I like wearing pieces which are comfortable and allows my body to move freely. Foot wear, in this case, is very important because it keeps my feet on the ground. And mind you, if there's anything I'd invest if I'm gonna stay a little longer in Dubai, I will always go for a nice pair of shoes!

And believe it or not there are shops here in Dubai where you can buy comfy shoes without spending too much (I'm always up for good bargains hence, the name of the blog).

Long before I became active and started to join blogging events in the UAE, I've been collecting a lot of shoes (3 of which all from Call It Spring UAE). They are my guilty pleasures and sometimes, all I need is a pair of shoes to set my mood right.

Then Let's Call It A Party!

Since summer is fast approaching in the UAE, this season is the most ideal time to meet up with people - I mean lots of amazing people from Dubai's blogging community! Thanks to Club Apparel, they are very generous in organizing such events. Here's a photo blog of the yacht party we have been invited for Call It Spring UAE. Enjoy!


Glad to have met awesome Dubai fashion and lifestyle bloggers Paul, Tina, Mahryska, Kim, and others!

Until then, see you on my next post!