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Getting Ready: Summer Pretty Preps and Must-Haves ;p

My ideal Summer would be like the one I had last year but perhaps better and more fun!

I went on a trip to Puerto Galera last year with 4 of my closest friends. It was sort of unplanned but it turned out really fun. I'd want it to be more exciting this year - by more exciting I mean I'm gonna try out something I've never tried before! Yay!

Before anything else, exploring deep waters and being UBER BFF with Mr. Sunshine also needs preparation. You wouldn't want walking down the sea shores in your long sleeves and pajamas, glowing skin from head to toe has to be flaunted off once in awhile!

So to bring in the sol, I want to share my summer must haves to a hotter summer:

1.) Swim Wear

I'm no fashion guru nor stylist but I have to admit it - it's always nice to own a pair of swim suit that flatters your figure. Some swim wears are differently made to emphasize the strengths of your body.  Here are my pegs:

Swim wear collection from Cocomo clothing, I Love Koi, and Glitteratti.
As you can see, all of my pegs are in blue. This has been my favorite color for the past few years. ;p

2.) Accessories

Although accessories aren't really that necessary if you plan on plunging into the waters, it's good to look fashionable and unique with your colorful summer bling-blings while strolling down the shores. Don't make those Kodak moments dull. Be creative - ACCESSORIZE! Here are my summer accessory pegs:

Accesories from Facebook online stores like Yhansy and Holic 
3.) Get WAXED!

Get rid of the unnecessary things 3 days before you hit the beach. One can opt for a D-I-Y waxing at home (which can be really messy and painful) or depilatory lotion (which could be a little pricey for a tube). Or you can simply go to a waxing salon of your choice. I got my legs waxed at MOD LEI Nail and Day SPA by Venus and Mars Naturals.

Mod Lei's Waxing Procedure
Mod Lei offers a lot of SPA services to get you prepared for the summer, they just had their store officially launched last March 10, 2012. I tried their waxing services since it's just about time. *winkwink*

Pain tolerance? 3 (scale of 1-5, 5 being the most painful). You just have to deal with the application of the wax, they do it differently. After the wax has been applied, you won't have to worry with the pulling. And it's done in just 30mins! Price? Php 350 for half leg. :)

4.) Hide those dark areas and make those eeky lines disappear!

Dark areas and stretch marks under bright light is a major no-no. How are you gonna wear those super flattering swimsuits? Few months before summer, you should be taking care of the things that shouldn't be seen or else, nyay!

Amazing Skin Care and Whitening Products from Venus and Mars Naturals
(SPA Salt for exfoliating, SHEA BUTTER for moisturizing and minimizing stretch marks, CPC+G and Bikini Bomb for Whitening)

5.) Sunblock

Dermatologists say that the rays of the sun can severely damage your skin. There are sunblocks with high SPF that can protect your skin for a couple of hours. And don't forget to re-apply every time you feel like doing so!

I use Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30 (less than Php 300 only)

6.) Happy Feet!

Give those tired feet a rest, wear flip flops!

I got these from last year at SM Department Store

So who's excited now for summer? I AM!


Special credits: The Coffe Shop Blog for the frames used above. Super thank you for keeping a blog free with lots of Photoshop tools. 

And I forgot! I'm on Blog Lovin'!
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Photoblog: SuperSale Bazaar Day 3

The good thing about being involved with Marketing is that you get to meet a lot of people and go to lots of places. 

I went to SuperSale Bazaar on their 3rd day to purposely expand my network of contacts for a project I'm working on. Surprisingly, I found different online stores owned by young Filipino entrepreneurs  that sells quality products with reasonable prices. Here are some of my favorite stores:

Cocomo Clothing 

Cocomo Clothing  | Tassel Earrings are perfect for summer! 

Cocomo Clothing  | Hats and Detachable Collars

Cocomo Clothing  | Cocomo's latest swim wear collection

Cocomo Clothing 

Cocomo Clothing 

Cocomo Clothing  | Swimwear on Sale!

Cocomo Clothing  | They also sell different shades of nail polish
Love Alicia and their collection of dainty dresses!

Les Roux  and their collection of different accessories!

Les Roux is also famous for their Feather Hair extensions
Flattering Tops

Comfy Soleil Flats 

These are just sooo vintage love!

Island Girl Philippines 

And of course, my all time favorite must-visit store: Venus and Mars

Yes, they do have a lot of customers dropping by just to meet the owners of the store.

Justin Tan, the personal VnM "Siri" ;p

Products and features of VnM

Blogger meets VnM Dynamic Duo

There are so many Fab Finds here in the Philippines, isn't it?


Of Sweet Talks, Mint Tea, and Pink Posies

My elder sister. She's been sort of my regular date every Sunday - we love those sweet little talks about life, love, relationship, growing up, blahblahblah. I threw up the other night we were having this intimate talk (shame on me) but she managed to stay and listened to my fairy tale stories as I listened to hers. 

She reads a lot and is a very good writer too. She's my personal proof reader, I'm totally dependent on her when it comes to writing or blogging. :)

Lately, she thinks she's becoming a little bit cynical about life and love, I think she just needs to smile once in awhile.  

She's the one who introduced me to Cafe Dominic's Calamansi Mint Tea, which is now my favorite mint tea by the way.

And yes, I'm wearing Venus and Mars Pink Posies (butter tint) and Pretty Bliss (matte finish blush) on this photo. ;p


Credits to Aze for taking my photos and for inspiring me to do photography, you will always  be on the top list of people who's continuously driving me to do better everyday. Time will come and we will both believe in happy endings once again. If that happens, I would surely be there to be your ever supportive lovely maid who will carry your veil with bare feet walking down that aisle. Don't forget to smile more often. I love you to the bones.

Updates Updates!

Update #1 - I'd never thought I'd do it but I sort of did.

Wearing a HAMBURGLAR top in brown shade | Taken by laptop camera on Webcam Toy
A few hours ago, I purchased my very own domain. I was scared at first because I know nothing about building nor creating a website. But I'm luckily surrounded by genius people (I'm referring to the owner of this particular blog and my circle of trust from the company I am working for), they taught me how to get one and now they're teaching me how to build my apps on Mr. G. Yey. And so mark this date: November 17, 2011 -  this will be my website/blog birthday (we are both Novemberians, ayee). That ends my first update.

Update #2 - Partially but not officially THE graphic artist of Love And Arts Studio (I just had it printed on my business card.)

Love and Arts Studio (LR- Mark and Beszie Vitasa, Nybie Ng, couples Rain Lacsaman and Jhoy Ayon, me, Dona Gino,  and Elson Cerilla)

I really am fond of taking and editing photos (obviously) and these past few months, I was involved in a whole lot of fun filled photo shoot sessions - from events to prenups to baby shoot! We've been planning to build this team about a year ago and now that we have completed the team (a main and UBER GALING photographer, a stylist/chef/events planner, junior photographer, camera men, UBERLY talented make-up artist, graphic artist, etc.), nothing will stop us from invading the photography/events world. We'll gonna make this work because we love what we do and we are very good at it. *side wink*

Here are some sample shots made by yours truly:

Jhoy + Rain E-Session Photo Teaser by Love And Arts Studio | For behind the scene photos, please visit this link.

Baby Pio's Colorful First Pre-birthday Photo Teaser | More photos will be uploaded on Love And Arts Studio's page

You see that right, we placed him inside a bag because he's just soooo cute. Good thing he's very cooperative and he only cried twice the whole time we were doing the shoot at UP Diliman Forest Lagoon.

Update #3 - I dream of becoming a brand ambassador too

Venus and Mars owners Justin and Jamie Tan should receive one of those awards called young achievers.

Remember the previous review I made on Venus and Mars products? It's still making wonders on my skin (I'm referring to their Lulur Soap) and also to my office colleagues and friends, even my little brother uses it already. I dropped by their stall in one of the bazaars at Rockwell about 2 weeks ago and was surprised to see the Tan sisters (Jamie and Justin). We were able to talk about their products and other things that made me want to immediately fast forward to 2012! Geez I'm so excited.

Update #4 - I'm turning another year older ^sigh^

About a month ago, he asked me what I want to do on my birthday. I was frozen. I literally don't know what to answer. Haha. I want a lot of awesome things to happen but you can't have them all at once especially if there are time constraints. I guess I need to buy a time capsule. I thought about it overnight and wasn't able to sleep but I did wished for something. I'm just gonna have to wait for awhile until that  specific wish comes true. :)

For now I'm gonna blog and enjoy life. I still have approximately 2 years to finish off childhood and daydream about things that I might want to happen, of course I will bring you with me (I'm referring to you special, whoever you are) everywhere I go.  And yeah, welcome to the world wide web deary! You'd surely be my best bud until Nov. 17, 2012 and I, for the love of it, promise to renew your yearly subscription as my commitment to a life filled with happiness on simple things.


Fab Find - Venus and Mars Naturals

I recently attended a bazaar at Rockwell Tent Makati called Fashion Palooza - A Trendsetter's Bazaar. I don't regularly go to bazaars to shop but when I heard that my favorite botanical shop will be there, I decided to drop by and grab myself a few stuff.

I'm a huge fan of natural skin care products, these are just some of my guilty pleasures. Before trying out new  brands and items, I read forums first and I search for products with good and positive feedback. And as always, I consider the price - I don't invest on anything that would only put my money to waste.

I came across this page on Facebook last July - Venus and Mars Naturals. And from then on, I regularly check on their page for updates.

Venus and Mars Summer Package
This was the very first package that I availed from Venus and Mars Naturals. They call it their "Summer Package" (Php 675 - all in!). It consists of a bottle of Spa Milk Salt, a bar of Lulur soap, the CPC+G "It" whitener, and the super famous Bare It All Cream - everything made from natural ingredients.

V&M Lulur Soap
My most loved product is their Lulur soap. When I first tried it, I was totally amazed. The effect was like "parang nawala ang pores" and it leaves the skin soft and smooth, perfect for people who have problems on rough, chicken-like skin.No wonder the feedback for this soap is really really good. Majority of the users use this to whiten and smoothen underarms. This is best used with the products included in the Summer Package.

I like cutting the Lulur soap into several pieces so I can maximize my usage
Other natural soaps from Venus and Mars are their Jagermeister Suit PORE Soap and Rewinding Stems.  

V&M Minerals - Blush and Eyeshadow
They also have their line of mineral make-up. I just got their Pretty Bliss Mineral Blush (Php 215) because of its matte finish and their Pure Pearl Mineral Eyeshadow (Php 145). And very true, their make-up can stay on the skin for long hours without retouching (I tried putting on the Pure Pearl Mineral Eyeshadow and it lasted for more than 7 hours). 

Have I mentioned their owners are very accommodating? The Tan sisters ( Jamie and Mary Justin) even helped me pick the right blush that I should put on my cheeks. :)

I can't get enough of V&M Naturals and can't wait to use their goodies too!

Visit Venus and Mars Naturals on Facebook or order items on their Multiply Site.