Getting Ready: Summer Pretty Preps and Must-Haves ;p

My ideal Summer would be like the one I had last year but perhaps better and more fun!

I went on a trip to Puerto Galera last year with 4 of my closest friends. It was sort of unplanned but it turned out really fun. I'd want it to be more exciting this year - by more exciting I mean I'm gonna try out something I've never tried before! Yay!

Before anything else, exploring deep waters and being UBER BFF with Mr. Sunshine also needs preparation. You wouldn't want walking down the sea shores in your long sleeves and pajamas, glowing skin from head to toe has to be flaunted off once in awhile!

So to bring in the sol, I want to share my summer must haves to a hotter summer:

1.) Swim Wear

I'm no fashion guru nor stylist but I have to admit it - it's always nice to own a pair of swim suit that flatters your figure. Some swim wears are differently made to emphasize the strengths of your body.  Here are my pegs:

Swim wear collection from Cocomo clothing, I Love Koi, and Glitteratti.
As you can see, all of my pegs are in blue. This has been my favorite color for the past few years. ;p

2.) Accessories

Although accessories aren't really that necessary if you plan on plunging into the waters, it's good to look fashionable and unique with your colorful summer bling-blings while strolling down the shores. Don't make those Kodak moments dull. Be creative - ACCESSORIZE! Here are my summer accessory pegs:

Accesories from Facebook online stores like Yhansy and Holic 
3.) Get WAXED!

Get rid of the unnecessary things 3 days before you hit the beach. One can opt for a D-I-Y waxing at home (which can be really messy and painful) or depilatory lotion (which could be a little pricey for a tube). Or you can simply go to a waxing salon of your choice. I got my legs waxed at MOD LEI Nail and Day SPA by Venus and Mars Naturals.

Mod Lei's Waxing Procedure
Mod Lei offers a lot of SPA services to get you prepared for the summer, they just had their store officially launched last March 10, 2012. I tried their waxing services since it's just about time. *winkwink*

Pain tolerance? 3 (scale of 1-5, 5 being the most painful). You just have to deal with the application of the wax, they do it differently. After the wax has been applied, you won't have to worry with the pulling. And it's done in just 30mins! Price? Php 350 for half leg. :)

4.) Hide those dark areas and make those eeky lines disappear!

Dark areas and stretch marks under bright light is a major no-no. How are you gonna wear those super flattering swimsuits? Few months before summer, you should be taking care of the things that shouldn't be seen or else, nyay!

Amazing Skin Care and Whitening Products from Venus and Mars Naturals
(SPA Salt for exfoliating, SHEA BUTTER for moisturizing and minimizing stretch marks, CPC+G and Bikini Bomb for Whitening)

5.) Sunblock

Dermatologists say that the rays of the sun can severely damage your skin. There are sunblocks with high SPF that can protect your skin for a couple of hours. And don't forget to re-apply every time you feel like doing so!

I use Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 30 (less than Php 300 only)

6.) Happy Feet!

Give those tired feet a rest, wear flip flops!

I got these from last year at SM Department Store

So who's excited now for summer? I AM!


Special credits: The Coffe Shop Blog for the frames used above. Super thank you for keeping a blog free with lots of Photoshop tools. 

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