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Roses Are Red - Black Book Series

My baby Cancan (Canon DSLR 450D) is finally back! Yoohooo! Big thanks to Canon Philippines Customer Service team, they've been very helpful in fixing the lens of my baby. They normally give 14 working days for a damaged camera part to be fixed but I they got mine,  fully operational,  in just 5 working days! Good job!

*  *  *  *

My DSLR has been a part of my everyday life already. If I can only take pictures while sleeping, I will! It sort of broke my heart when I found out 3 weeks ago that my lens is not properly working. I don't know what happened but the lens seems like stuck and is not moving. What's worse is that I have few events scheduled for end of April and early May. Without a functional lens, I won't be able to document the events I've been to.

Then I suddenly remembered Camera Cart, an online store via renting out photography equipment such as lenses, cameras and photography light packages to both professionals and budding photographers. I have availed their services way back 2008/2009, when I was still practicing on digital photography. The very first unit I used way back then  was a Canon 350D. I was able to contact Sir Melvene (owner) and luckily, he still remembered me.

I did a funshoot with my dear friend Lea last May 1 using a rented lens (28-105mm Canon Lens) for only Php 350/day. And with my Camera Cart Membership Card, I was also able to get a discount! Yay for the thrift!

So without further ado, here's a photo dump of Roses Are Red - a photoshoot inspired by a red lipstick. Haha. I would've uploaded all those amazing photos of my dear friend, it's just that majority of them are not for show. ;p


*  *  *  *

Hide (Alyssa Mae Yabut Photoshoot)

Photography - Joy Caasi Photography - Joy Caasi

Photography - Joy Caasi

Photography - Joy Caasi

Photography - Joy Caasi

Photography - Joy Caasi

Photography - Joy Caasi

Photography - Joy Caasi

Photography - Joy Caasi

Photography - Joy Caasi

Funshoot November 30, 2011
Photo, Styling, and Post Processing: Joy Caasi
Model and MUA: Alyssa Mae Yabut
Location: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wild Life

Blue. Purple. And Pink.

After our SUDDENLY-I-WANT-TO-SWIM adventure at Bosay Resort in Antipolo with my girlfriends Alyssa and Kaye, we decided to rest at my polly pocket place (as how my friends call it). Kaye was sleeping and Alyssa and I are in the mood for taking photos.

I made a video of our outtake. Enjoy the show readers. ;p

Donavon Frankenreiter @ Jam 88.3

When I learned from Alain (Jam88.3 Senior Shoutboxer) that Donavon Frankenreiter will be visiting the Jam 88.3 booth, I seriously sneaked out for 15mins just to take photos of him. I'm not a fan girl but knowing he's got a couple of songs similar to Mr. A-Z or Jack Johnson, I think that could count.

Donavon Frankenreiter with some Jam 88.3 shoutboxers inside the booth (photo was a bit blurry)

I have a shaky hand. Sorry for the blurred photo. :)))
Donavon had some CDs signed for the shoutboxers. He's really nice! DJ Lambert gave him some Jam88.3 stickers and look what he immediately did:

Jam88.3 sticker on Donavon's Guitar Case

He immediately placed the stickers on 2 sides of his guitar case. How sweet is that!

After taking this shot, he asked me to put it in my blog. Haha! I got a permission! Yey!
While writing this blog entrty, I listened to some of his music on Grooveshark. The songs that I liked the most were "It Don't Matter", "Free" "On My Mind", and "Butterfly". The rhythm and beat of his songs are so warm, friendly, and overwhelmingly hopeful - so as his fans and website says.

Anyway, you may visit his website here. He also have a Facebook Fanpage that you can like and a Twitter Page that you might want to follow if you guys want to be updated on his tours and other events.


Sunday Date - Sisterly Love

This a photo blog with my sister Aze. I'm too lazy to put some words. Haha. Enjoy!

Debut Coverage - Mookie Yvonne Turns 18 :)

My first take on debut coverage.

Mommy Karen was my ex-colleague from a previous company. Last month, she asked for my help organizing a surprise party for her daughter Mookie Yvonne,  who just turned 18 last Sept. 23. She wanted a Luau Themed debut party.

Location: Jade Palace Restaurant (106 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City)

Party Invitation | Graphics and Layout by yours truly
Mommy K wanted the invitation to be simple and cute so I made this layout. We had this printed on a matte poster board (it looks exactly like a post card) and believe it or not we've only spent Php 450 (approximately $10) on the invitation for 80 guests.

Event Photos:

The Debutante - Mookie Yvonne

Debutante's Mom - Karen Santos - Cagujas

MUA - Mei Magsajo

Cagujas Family (L-R: Mommy Karen, Mookie, Daddy Jojo, and Jeo)

I forgot to mention I also hosted the party - so that's like multi-tasking: hosting and taking photos all at the same time! Haha!

xoxo :)