Donavon Frankenreiter @ Jam 88.3

When I learned from Alain (Jam88.3 Senior Shoutboxer) that Donavon Frankenreiter will be visiting the Jam 88.3 booth, I seriously sneaked out for 15mins just to take photos of him. I'm not a fan girl but knowing he's got a couple of songs similar to Mr. A-Z or Jack Johnson, I think that could count.

Donavon Frankenreiter with some Jam 88.3 shoutboxers inside the booth (photo was a bit blurry)

I have a shaky hand. Sorry for the blurred photo. :)))
Donavon had some CDs signed for the shoutboxers. He's really nice! DJ Lambert gave him some Jam88.3 stickers and look what he immediately did:

Jam88.3 sticker on Donavon's Guitar Case

He immediately placed the stickers on 2 sides of his guitar case. How sweet is that!

After taking this shot, he asked me to put it in my blog. Haha! I got a permission! Yey!
While writing this blog entrty, I listened to some of his music on Grooveshark. The songs that I liked the most were "It Don't Matter", "Free" "On My Mind", and "Butterfly". The rhythm and beat of his songs are so warm, friendly, and overwhelmingly hopeful - so as his fans and website says.

Anyway, you may visit his website here. He also have a Facebook Fanpage that you can like and a Twitter Page that you might want to follow if you guys want to be updated on his tours and other events.