Brunch Outside Dubai: Cove Rotana (Gourmed Basilico)

Welcome to the mini Greece of the UAE! Having friends who work in the hospitality industry gets me access to visit beautiful places like The Cove Rotana Resort in Ras Al Khaimah. But obviously, you gotta get a glimpse of the place first for you to know what I am talking about so here it is:

Cove Rotana Resort Features

I can barely put into words how beautiful the resort is. A short walk through the pathway towards the beachfront will make you feel you're one with the nature.

There were hotel rooms and private villas (with their own pools) huge enough to hold a family or group of friends. Since it's located right at resort's hill, a majestic view of the ocean and manmade lakes sits right in front if you're viewing by the balcony.

Brunching at Cove Rotana - GourMed Basilico

Our group came in for Basilico's GourMed brunch which happens every Friday at Cove Rotana. The restaurant can easily be spotted at the left side of the resort near the receiving area.

The facility is a casual fine dining restaurant - they offer a variety of Mediterranean cuisine with bigger highlight on Italian selections. They have an open kitchen with live cooking station so if you are worried on what type of ingredients they are putting on you meal, feel free to take a sneak peek.

By the far the biggest selection of buffet I've ever tried in the UAE, their fresh seafood table was my go-to during our stay. Not to mention they also have several tables for cheese lovers - everything came all the way from Spain, Italy and France. They also serve several alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks but I will always opt for their sweet sangria. 

Here are some photos to indulge and if you're feeling like it, have a look at their ongoing summer promotion at GourMed Basilico, on a limited time basis!

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Disclaimer: We were invited to visit The Cove Rotana Resort for Friday Brunch, opinion and photos are my own unless specified.