How To Get (Legally) HIGH - In Dubai!

And just before I get tons of email to take this post down, let me tell you one thing: IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. First and foremost, Dubai has zero tolerance for illegal drugs - any form of use or distribution of illegal drugs in the UAE is a criminal offense and is punishable by law.

So rather than taking the risk of getting in jail or worst deported, I have listed below my over-the-top (like literally) experiences of how I tasted the Dubai high life without getting caught!

Grab Some Drinks At The World's Tallest Building - Atmosphere, Burj Khalifa 

photo of Atmosphere

That's me in the frame at Atmosphere Burj Khalifa, taking a photo of what's happening below. The award-winning restaurant is located at the 122nd floor of the world's tallest building, most popular for serving lunch and dinner and just recently, breakfast every weekends!

It still surprise me that although I've made a number of friends here in this city, majority of them haven't been up here so I will spill a little secret. I've been here  a couple of times - without any lunch or dinner reservations! 

Here's how: I usually go for after office or late night drinks (they are open until 1am at most). All you have to do is phone them during off-peak hours (call right after lunch or after 9pm), check with their hostess if the LOUNGE is full and if it is not, let them know you'll be coming in for a couple of drinks. Free seating or hanging out at the bar for a few drinks doesn't require any minimum spend. Whenever there are few guests, you can walk around and take a peek at the window. The city lights are so stunning at night.

Don't get confused though, Atmosphere Burj Khalifa doesn't have an entrance at the mall. You can access the elevator straight at Armani Hotel. There are some attendants at the lobby who can take you to where the actual elevator is. 

(Phone number to call to check the availability of the lounge: +971 4 888 38 28)

Get A 360 View Of Dubai - At The Top Burj Khalifa

If you're already inside the world's tallest building, why not go up the highest floor? At The Top Burj Khalifa is one the most popular attractions in Dubai where you can literally touch the sky at level 148. You can only access this through an early reservation though, there's really no shortcut to get up even on low season.

They have the highest observation deck where you can see panoramic views of Dubai from a unique outdoor terrace - the best time is either sunrise OR sunset. An insider tip on getting good ticket deals: watch out for any promotions on their website or social channels, it's really worth  it. 

(At The Top is on Instagram and Facebook)

Go Around Dubai and Fly High - On A Seaplane!

Yes, I already tried going around Dubai on-board Sea Wings' Seaplane tour starting from Dubai Creek to Jebel Ali, many thanks to Stephen Lioy for tagging me along when he was in town.

It's pretty scary at first and most especially during take off but as soon as you approach and circle Burj Khalifa, the views get better. I was able to see the long stretch of Sheikh Zayed Road and man-made island Palm Jumeirah even!

(Phone number to call to check the rates and availability: +971 4 807 07 08)

Jump From The Sky - Experience Tandem Jump at Sky Dive Dubai

photo of Sky Dive Dubai
Photo from Myra c/o Sky Dive Dubai
Now this is something that I'm looking forward to do really really soon. I haven't personally tried it yet but 3 of my friends already done it, including my roomie Myra (in the photo above) and her boyfriend earlier last year. When they both arrived home from their Tandem Jump at Sky Dive Dubai, both promise they'll never do it again which made it more thrilling for me because I seriously want to do it! What's the best way to experience adrenaline rush but to jump off a plane right?

Photo from Myra c/o Sky Dive Dubai

Photo from Myra c/o Sky Dive Dubai

Photo from Myra c/o Sky Dive Dubai
(Web address to check the rates and inquire: )

Fly HIGH On A HotAir Balloon With Falcons

I won't be elaborating on this  part as I  have already written the full experience here. Bottom line is you get to fly over Margham Desert in Dubai  through a hot air balloon with falcons flying with you at the same time.

Sip Gold At The World's Most Luxurious Hotel

If heights is not for you, then sipping a glass of this non-alcoholic cocktail sprinkled with gold dust might get you the ultimate high life experience! 

Served at Gold On 27, Burj Al Arab's bar at level 27 is serving a mocktail called Element 79 (the atomic number for gold). It is a simple, sophisticated, alcohol-free sparkling grape cocktail served with a sugar cube and effervescent golden cloud. How much is the cost, I honestly don't know. I was only able to try this during our #betterwithJumeirahmeet , and geez I really like the way it tasted!

And that's a wrap folks! I hope this post can help in planning your high life experience in Dubai. I'm not joking about trying out SkyDive so if you ever hear any good deals, please do drop me a comment below so I can check.

Stay away from illegal drugs and experience the high life on a legal way!

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Post written as I have experienced it. Photos are my own unless specified.

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  1. So proud that a fellow kabayan has a blog that inspires people (me!). Ano po palang camera gamit nyo? Your photos are amazing! Any suggestions for nice cameras/ phone cameras that are good for blogs (beginner lang). I am in Dubai as well so hope to see you around! Thank you! :)