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photos of Last Exit Dubai

The new food truck park in the UAE is now on full swing! I've been itching to go here because it's the kind of hangout place I'd like to be. The name's Last Exit by the way mainly because it lies between the boundary of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Long drives are now more enjoyable in this side of the country especially in the morning when you [badly] need a coffee break. They have The Brass, Starbucks, All Day Minimart, Urban Seafood, and many others.

Unfortunately, commuters don't have access to the food truck park unless you have friends who will be kind enough to drive for you as far as interchange 11 if you will be coming from Dubai (the nearest land mark is Dubai Parks and Resorts which is a few kilometres away from Last Exit). But they are open 24 hours a day so it's totally worth the travel for late night or even early morning hits!

Thanks to my new friends who invited me over for a quick early morning hop, here are some of the photos I took that will definitely make me go back anytime soon!

Oh and by the way, they are having a very exciting game on their Facebook Page for Eid! Make sure to explore their page for gifts and place your answers on this link. Goodluck guys!

Take a tour of Last Exit here:

blue vintage food truck

Are you planning to go here and is living in Dubai? Hit me up if it's an early morning drive, I'd love to share a coffee with you!

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  1. Hi Joy,

    I have been following your Georgia Travel moments, loved it so far, but when i came to this particular blog, the photos were absolutely stunning. What particular camera have you been using? Thanks Kabayan!