Charicycles And Their Pretty Vintage Bikes

vintage bike in Dubai
Aloha! Spring is almost here in the sandpit and we, the residents of UAE, are trying to enjoy the remaining days of the winter season. Believe me, there are so many events in the community that sometimes I even want to extend the days and have my own weekend, ha!

One of the things that I love doing is going around the neighbourhood. I'm not sure if you were able to read my previous post about me participating on a food tour on a bicycle but yeah, biking became a thing here in Dubai just recently.

Where Do People Bike In Dubai?

Safety first is my best advice and if you really want to ride a bike without the hassle of getting into any vehicular accidents, you need to know the safe places where you can bike in Dubai.

bike lanes in Dubai

One of the lanes I have tried is the long stretch of Jumeirah Road. The bike lane actually starts from Dubai Marina (you can find a bike rental in this area if you need one) passing Burj Al Arab towards Jumeirah Beach Park. From this lane, you will get to know the local community of Emiratis.

Another bike lane is the one around Downtown Dubai. From the Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Metro, you can easily spot a lane behind Sofitel Downtown and can go around the area by biking. This spot gets you the best view of the tallest building in the world and the high end Dubai lifestyle.

There are a few more places in Dubai where you can safely bike and I found it here on this post, some of them are parks and bikes are available here for rent on an hourly rate. Now if you reside in Dubai, I suggest to get a sturdy bicycle so you can go places while enjoying the lovely weather from November until late April.

Upcycled Vintage Bicycles 

Girls (like I am) dig vintage bikes very much, they simply look annoyingly cute! Sadly, it's very hard to find a shop that sells vintage Japanese bikes here in Dubai. Either they are imported from other parts of the world which are rarely in stock OR they are just way expensive (when I say expensive, it will cost you roughly AED3000 and up). Setting up your own bicycle is pretty pricey too!

And came Charicycles who I first met in a pop-up market at Al Serkal Avenue (I stalk brands you see). They "up cycle" bicycles - this means they restore forgotten old bikes and turn them into something beautiful and functional. Parts are original and majority are made from Japan and since they are up cycled, the price is way lower than the normal bikes sold on shops in the UAE. They customise too, you can get an up cycled bike and have it painted with your favourite colours. They have pre-made bikes available on their website for both men and women.

I'm happy that they found my blog and invited me over to try out one of their bikes for a stroll at Al Barsha Pond Park and here are some of the photos I took with my friends. Enjoy!

Dubai vintage bike

Dubai community events

Charicycles Vintage Bike

Charicycles Vintage Bike

Charicycles Vintage Bike

Charicycles Vintage Bike
 vintage bikes in Dubai

Charicycles Vintage Bike

Charicycles Vintage Bike

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