Strangers of Dubai - Dubai Mall

strangers of dubai

A random post because it touched my heart. I took a photo of these two at Dubai Mall. They were watching the fountain show together. The image was stuck in my head until three in the morning today with the question: is there such thing as forever?

I'm not pretty sure if both were couples but how they looked at each other made me think they were dating. Right. Watching the fountain show together may not even be the best idea in this summer heat especially in Dubai and if you're riding a wheelchair.

strangers of dubai

But if they really were dating, isn't this a sight to see? Would you call this forever? 

I recently read a book called Songs Of Our Breakup and it thought me one thing: FOREVER IS JUST A NAMING CONVENTION. And I agree - forever sounds too serious and risky, there's so much at stake. Forever will break you if you don't make it and every tiny memory of ups and downs will be forgotten and disappear in the end.

This is not a breakup story nor I would count this as forever. They were old yet they still have time. Perhaps they are counting it themselves on a day-to-day basis until it runs out. Maybe they are both fighting for it so the days don't end, so they can still do things together even if it means riding a wheelchair. And if one doesn't make it to the end, then ok. They tried, so it's ok. 

And for how long it would take remains a mystery. I, myself, am also curios to know. smile emoticon

(Songs Of Our Breakup is a book on Amazon written by Jay E. Tria )