Arabiska Restaurant and Cafe

Arabic restaurant in The Palm Jumeirah

Meanwhile in Dubai land, everybody's on holiday for Eid Al Adha. We got an invite for Eid Brunch at Arabiska, an Arabic restaurant located at The Palm, Jumeirah.

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I shared the table with fashion and lifestyle influencers of Dubai  - Paul, Andy, Angela, and Moe (not in the picture, why haven't I taken your photo in the first place deary?). Their styles are way different than mine though - they are pretty much the dappers and the chic while I always go for street comfy fashion style. 

Getting there

Going to Arabiska is quite tricky, it is located at The Palm Views West. Even if you're familiar with the area (unless you live on the building where this chic restaurant is located), it's still confusing how to get to this place. It's like a hole in the wall, and here's a quick guide on how to get there.

Arabiska The Palm Jumeirah location

We took Jumeirah Beach Road instead of Sheikh Zayed to get to The Palm Jumeirah. If you're taking the cab, take whichever road you think is best. There's no metro unfortunately, but I think they also have another branch located at Dubai Marina which is easier to locate.

Once you get to The Palm, keep right and you will see The Palm Views East. Make sure not to enter the tunnel otherwise, you will end up reaching Atlantis the Palm. Make a U-turn on the second slot where you can see a small "Nakheel" sign.

Keep right and go past through the villas. Just before another tunnel, keep right at the fork and you will reach The Palm Views West. 

The Interiors

Arabiska Restaurant

Arabiska is easy to recognize when you get to the building - it is on the first floor of The Palm View West adjacent to a pizza house. They have this wooden door with hanging plants above it, very similar to the ones you will find in the movie Lord Of The Rings (yes, the hobbit house). And I have a thing for doors you see, so entering the resto "wowed" me a bit.

One thing I have noticed on most Arabic restaurants in Dubai is the lighting - most are of them are dim. Arabiska is well lighted and you can easily take food photos if you're a food enthusiast. Plus 100 points for this.

They also have an outside seating area with views of the sea. I'm pretty sure this place is gonna be a hit for winter and spring especially for Al Fresco diners.

The Meal

arabic restaurant at The Palm Jumeirah

Arabiska Menu is not limited to Arabic food. They have my all time favourites mouttabal and tabouleh but they also have pasta and other European dishes.

arabic lentil soup
arabic tabbouleh

For starters, I opted for lentil soup and tabbouleh. Their lentil soup comes with curry on the side which actually makes the flavour strong, but weird thing is I quite liked it. I had tabbouleh to balance out the flavour. Their serving is quite big and I think one of each is already good for two.

arabic bread

Oh, I forgot to include they also serve bread along with your soup!

I wanted to try European dishes so I ordered Sea Bass which is really yummy. How they prepared it is something I should've asked the waiter but the fish was cooked well and it matched the creamy sauce with it. It was presented very well which makes it really hard for me to ruin my food, yay!

Others picked beef tenderloin and mixed grill for their mains.

tropical cocktails

They have lots of desserts to choose from and I had eclairs. Again, another Instagram worthy food. We had coffee right after our meal and even their hot cappuccino is a must-try too.


brunch in Dubai The Palm Jumeirah

All in all, it was a really great meal. I will recommend this place for brunch, even for a cup of coffee to simply chill if you want to move away from the busy streets of Dubai. A full course meal may cost you AED150-AED200 depending on which food on the menu you will order. But for coffee and a pastry for two, that should cost roughly AED 50-90.

Arabiska Restaurant and Cafe
The Palm Jumeirah - Palm Views West
PO 393129 Dubai UAE
+971 4 3688499 / +971 50 841 1638

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Ending this post with Paul dining in style, just because. :)

See you on the next post!

Joy C.