Smokey - The Cat Of Dubai

How often do you find a cat for a friend?

Back in the Philippines when I was still in my younger days (Grade school), we had a family cat. I remember my dad rubbing her neck and she rolls over like crazy. We called her Muning.
I have always been a fur lover, we had Castro the dog way back 2010 when I was still living with the best room mates in the world who now owns a quaint shop of real crystals in the Philippines. In Boracay, I used to dog sit my neighbors little puppy (I miss you Lilo!) and played with 2 others (Brontoc and Doobie).

Then I met Smokey. 

He was sooo small when I first saw him in February. My gaad he's so adorable!

I remember this fur ball biting me twice in gigil and he licks it back twice softly. Perhaps he didn't mean to do the biting.

And I miss this monster. I would often sneak out for 20mins to play with him even if my friend get so annoyed with the baby talks. He's the stress reliever. Felt sad when monster left Dubai. T_T

So yeah, the bottom line is that I missed the little thing I made a replica of him no hanging on my wall.

I miss you Smokey, come back and get lost here in DXB again. *sobs in one corner*