Saying (Or Ranting) It Out Loud

Eid Mubarak from Dubai! I took the photo earlier at Mall Of The Emirates, I really don't understand what's going on and why there's music and dancing but I believe this is in line with the Eid festivity. The month of Ramadan has just ended and families are celebrating and wishing everyone a happy life. So just when I thought only Filipinos have close family ties back home, I was proven wrong. Arabic culture is not really that far from Filipino culture when it comes to family. I'm kind of liking their ways and this is not the point of this post.

Updates of my whereabouts. Not that much actually, and the photos of the travel diaries were all stored and sorted in the server. My instagram and VSCO page are always up to date. Travel industry job demands a lot of time, 10 hours max, especially dealing with reservations for GCC and Middle East Market (they are always last minute).

My spare time were mostly spent on my sketch pad (before I go to sleep) because primarily, I can't bring technology home (I have my mobile to communicate with the other side of the world). It sucks, really, when circumstances limit your ability to create beautiful things and get to start on working with ideas you have in mind when resources are very limited. You get to be called  lazy or sometimes, somebody afraid to take risks. I know and the whole world knows how many risks I have taken just to find myself or the happiness my heart wants. For someone who doesn't even know the real situation and to judge you just like that because of one f***ing unanswered Skype call, I hate this drama. Come and visit Dubai, try to be in my shoes so you'll know. And sorry, I am not really sorry.

Inhale, exhale.

It's a good thing I have this personal space for my stored thoughts that I need to let go. Yes, indeed, politely let it go. Once my words are written, I am not angry anymore.