Crossing The Island - A Kite Surfer's Home

Attraversiamo. Let's cross over.

I first heard of this word from one of my favorite books (Eat.Pray.Love.). For more than half a year of staying here in Boracay, I haven't cross the island yet. I guess I'm a little too drawn to staying in one place for so long - appreciating every single flaws and dent of something and discovering the hidden happiness in it is how I define adventure. While people here in the island come and go, I stayed. Not just because I love Boracay so much but I think, the people who are meant to stay here are those who had all fine prints of sand, sun, sea, and sky written in their hearts like a special tattoo. Or life. Maybe love. Whatever.

I will have to thank my job again for letting me discover hidden places - some hole in the wall. Traditional accommodation (with big names) has always been a status symbol but believe me, you can find better if you dig in. A few months ago I crossed the island and I found another home. Lies across Boracay is a small bay called Union in the town of Nabas. Ten to fifteen minutes from the Caticlan Jetty Port, I found myself taking photos of MangoRiders Beach Club.

Anywhere But Here

Hello from the white beach! Rain started to pour heavily these past few weeks and it's really depressing I got nothing to write about. The movies I have watched lately are not even worth writing - chick flicks are all about love and friendship and places are something that I'd like to include on my personal space. Plus, the-crappy-internet-what-else-can-ruin-your-day. No inspiration at all. I'd better work on getting the creative juices back but sometimes, it's really hard to find a good reason to get something done. Or maybe the stars I followed led me to a wrong direction.  But I hope not. I still wish on falling stars and say silent prayers to the supernaturals. I am hopeful I'll find my way back again.

Anyway, I got messages recently that got me back to blogging just to say I'm doing fine - same same. Work, home, cook food, laundry, a quick dip to practice swimming, some nights dancing, and what nots.  I am pretty visible on instagram if you want real time updates (my account is public, I got nothing to hide anyway) and what else? Nah, that's pretty much how my day works. Yes - I am a robot, I know. I'm a robot with a heart which basically means I can still feel.

More of Boracay and beyond in the next few days, I have crossed the island once and I got some cool places to share. I think I'll do it more often so I'm sort of getting the backpack ready.

I'm not going anywhere, just here -

Joy C.