Boracay Must Try - Helmet Diving

Ola ola!

How's everyone doing so far? The island life is awesome as always. While many of you might be saying goodbye to the summer season as the rain is starting to scatter all over the Philippines, Boracay is still as sunny as ever. Sometimes I find my waking morning with dew drops on the window but then again after a few hours, the sun is up to say hello. Isn't that amazing?

I get excited every time I check my Facebook newsfeed. I always look after posts from my friends who are going to see my island home - to see familiar faces bring happiness to me for some reason.

One of the most awesome weekend I had was when a high school classmate went to the island for the very first time. Knowing he's loud just like I am, we were both excited to see each other again after 9 years to share our awesome journey on life, love, and the like. Yes, 9 years!

What made our "bonding" session even more exciting was the helmet diving we availed from MyBoracayGuide. We got a discount for our group and the experience, super awesome. Ang saya saya!

We were fetched at Station 3 by a speed boat and docked at one of Boracay's diving spot. Never been to diving all my life and I think this activity made me love the ocean even more.

Helmet diving: you "dive" with 40+ kg helmet and moonwalk under water. Heavy, yes it is, but that's most likely I'd like to describe it. We were assisted by experienced divers who guided us under the sea. I was extremely shaking going down at first (Kuya diver must have noticed that) but the moment my feet touched the seabed, I was stunned. The underwater world is indeed a wow.

Before we went in, we were thought safety things to remember once the helmet is on:
  • Swallow if your ears hurt. 
  • Do not bend your head down otherwise, the water might get in. 
  • Kneel down slowly if you want to lie down the seabed. 
  • And lastly, enjoy the view and feed the creatures. 
We all went crazy while we were under water! Here's to share our photos, enjoy!

Want to experience this too? Click here to explore other activities that you might want to try when in Boracay or you may also call (036) 288-9999 for more details. Happy island hopping!


  1. aww. definitely looks like a fun activity. been to Boracay so many times, but I haven't done this activity yet. Mahal eh! Maybe this time na lean season it'll be cheaper. :)

  2. I haven't tried helmet diving but looks fun to do here.

  3. When we went to Boracay last year, this is one of my favorite activities I didn't regret. Helmet diving is so fun!

  4. Boracay is such a beautiful place from the pristine white sand beaches lined with tall coconut trees as well with the clear aquamarine waters of the sea and the richness of marine biodiversity.

  5. Helmet Diving is definitely a fun activity especially when you're with your crazy friends! :) Almost 2 years ago I was able to try this already. My friends went wild with their poses for the camera! :P

  6. This is something that I wish hubby can try cos he has a hard time seeing underwater. Never been to Bora tho! :/

  7. Aaaah, I've never tried helmet diving! What we did try though was cliff diving and flying fish. And BOY did I love cliff diving!!! You should try it next time when you do come back!

    And oh, I love the underwater shots :)

    1. I bet you did that at Ariel's point. :D and I live here in Boracay so I guess I pretty much have enough time. :D

  8. I should've tried this one. It looks so cool down there. When I came back to Boracay, I surely will! :)