Island Life And Some of My Favorite Places

Hello there! 

I'm really really sorry for inserting this photo because you know, I get this semi-ventricular contractions whenever I get near my crush and suddenly he's here and I'm so excited to a take a photo beside him and I died in one corner palpitating forever~ WHY SOOO HOT DEREK RAMSAY?!

For the past month/s I've been here, I've been going places by myself trying to find my personal spot. I'm quite lucky I get my Saturdays and Sundays off this month. As usual, I bring Cancan along to play with me - we always go on a photo date. Although my unit can't get as much as amazing photos as other DSLRs can (gigantic lenses excuse me please), I still love it and I am always taking care of it just like a real baby. Much as possible, I won't let anyone hold my little baby. Cancan is mine and mine alone.