Scrappy Saturday - How To Kill "THE" Boredom

I forgot to hit the publish button for my yesterday's post, doing 3 things all at the same time can really be stressful. *sigh*

Anyway, it is evident on my blog that half of my life was spent pretty much on designing and taking photos. My parents thought I'm blessed with creative hands and thought I'm gonna take fine arts when I was still in high school.  I sort of listened to some graduates before finally choosing the right college course, they say painting can't make money so I took advertising. Just sharing.

You know when they say you have psychological insomnia? It doesn't really exist but I think I have that kind of syndrome. I don't know how to sleep or maybe I just chose not to sleep at all. On my normal days that I don't bring the office laptop at home, either I watch A LOT of movies on HBO just to get my sleep or I'll find time doing artsy scrap from my old art attack box, just to kill the boredom.

Not on this Saturday where I've been 50% productive. I was able to visit my Aunt's garment shop at Marikina Heights for the project I've been long preparing for. If you've been reading my blog, you will see a teaser ad here of my plans on getting back on drawing again. Tita was very supportive and was hyped when I shared my plans in the next few months. She was really kind enough to share some insights and advice.

I got home a little earlier than expected and found myself talking to boredom again. Then I suddenly remembered the art attack box.

Now how do I kill my own boredom?

If I'm not watching TV as I've mentioned, I reorganize my things inside my closet and select all those I haven't been using for a closet sale.

Some of the things I have sold for my closet sale.
Whenever I arrange/schedule a closet sale, I make sure that I have selected the things I haven't used for quite some time and I make sure that they are still in good condition. Since they are 2nd hand items, I sell them for very low prices (php 20 to php 50 only!). Also gives me extra bucks to buy ice cream . *wink*

If I'm not arranging my not-so-organized things, I'm busy with my art attack box.

Colorful pins and pens are my art attack essentials, these just makes me super happy and gives me that kind of drive to do an art work. It really pays to see a lot of screaming colors!

If I'm not busy with the art attack box, I'm busy drawing.

Those are some of my sketches and doodles.

If I'm not drawing, I'm busy talking photos - OF KIDS!

Little babies are my guilty pleasures. I love the way they leave a mark when they kiss me on my cheeks. And whenever I see one, I always take a photo of them and put them in a collage. :)

If I'm not doing any of those, I am daydreaming.

This is my favorite thing to do to kill my boredom. From daydreaming, I create ideas.