Ideas: Christmas Gifts and Give Aways

Oh geez. Few more days before December and I'm cramming - searching for items that I could give as presents for Christmas. I am actually thinking of giving away personalized gifts, something that people can be reminded of me whenever they see or use it. :D

I remember paying a random visit at Papemelroti few weeks back when big sister and I went out for a date. She got me a metal engrave/coil of my name (Joy) and she, on the other hand, got herself some Faith, Hope, and Love.

Big Sister Aze and her Faith, Hope, and Love

Me and my name, I used this photo as a cover photo on my Facebook Timeline (sorry for the major edit)

Do aside from these cute items, we also found a couple of dainty necklaces and other goodies which are budget friendly. Here are some of them:

Feel free to recycle using this paper making kit. Save the world and be kind this Christmas.

Varieties of vintage and dainty necklaces

Aze sporting out on cute rings and earrings

Super affordable rings (it only cost php 27.00)
Every month, Papemelroti release their new items on Facebook. I just visited their fanpage and for November, here's my personal choice:

I downloaded these photos from their Facebook Fanpage and came up with a collage.

Items from the photo above only ranges from php 49.00 to php 300.00. Yes, super affordable and it will surely fit your Christmas present budget. They have a couple of nice bracelets, planners and journals, other girly accessories, and  denim memo boards. And if I may add, they also use environment friendly materials.

Now the best part for December:

Papemelroti is giving away this cute "Believe" desk signboard. Please visit this link for more details.

What do you have in mind for Christmas Give Aways and Presents?

Today I turn 25 with LOVE


I wore this last Nov. 21st, the day I was all wet by the chilly rain and got sick the following day

I was born a day after my elder sister Aze celebrated her 1st birthday, which basically made us twin sisters by heart. 

25 is a significant number, perhaps because it is divisible by 5. It could mean anything significant this year, who knows.

I browsed on my Horoscope and the stars said that this year would suggest a period of communication and teaching. The stars also said that this year is a strong year for publicity and other endeavors involving spreading the word. Hmmm. Should I start preaching? Naah. I'm really not a good preacher, there's still a lot to learn. Haha.

Alright. There's one note that I will surely remember today:

Own the world and all of your dreams. 

-from my dear sister Aze

The world loves me, so I believe, will hope and have faith. And I, for the love of it, will continue to dream like a child and will make those dreams come true little by little, one step at a time.

I'm planning to accomplish 25 things this year. Are you with me?

Photos and Post Processing: by yours truly, when all you have is a self-timer and a bucket full of hope. I'm still hoping. :)

Everywhere I go I take you with me :)

UP Diliman 2011

You weren't here but I took a piece of you with me - I kept a piece of you inside my pocket.

I loved the way you said "yung mahal ko" (the one I love), it's so sweet and true. Say that more often, please? :)

Updates Updates!

Update #1 - I'd never thought I'd do it but I sort of did.

Wearing a HAMBURGLAR top in brown shade | Taken by laptop camera on Webcam Toy
A few hours ago, I purchased my very own domain. I was scared at first because I know nothing about building nor creating a website. But I'm luckily surrounded by genius people (I'm referring to the owner of this particular blog and my circle of trust from the company I am working for), they taught me how to get one and now they're teaching me how to build my apps on Mr. G. Yey. And so mark this date: November 17, 2011 -  this will be my website/blog birthday (we are both Novemberians, ayee). That ends my first update.

Update #2 - Partially but not officially THE graphic artist of Love And Arts Studio (I just had it printed on my business card.)

Love and Arts Studio (LR- Mark and Beszie Vitasa, Nybie Ng, couples Rain Lacsaman and Jhoy Ayon, me, Dona Gino,  and Elson Cerilla)

I really am fond of taking and editing photos (obviously) and these past few months, I was involved in a whole lot of fun filled photo shoot sessions - from events to prenups to baby shoot! We've been planning to build this team about a year ago and now that we have completed the team (a main and UBER GALING photographer, a stylist/chef/events planner, junior photographer, camera men, UBERLY talented make-up artist, graphic artist, etc.), nothing will stop us from invading the photography/events world. We'll gonna make this work because we love what we do and we are very good at it. *side wink*

Here are some sample shots made by yours truly:

Jhoy + Rain E-Session Photo Teaser by Love And Arts Studio | For behind the scene photos, please visit this link.

Baby Pio's Colorful First Pre-birthday Photo Teaser | More photos will be uploaded on Love And Arts Studio's page

You see that right, we placed him inside a bag because he's just soooo cute. Good thing he's very cooperative and he only cried twice the whole time we were doing the shoot at UP Diliman Forest Lagoon.

Update #3 - I dream of becoming a brand ambassador too

Venus and Mars owners Justin and Jamie Tan should receive one of those awards called young achievers.

Remember the previous review I made on Venus and Mars products? It's still making wonders on my skin (I'm referring to their Lulur Soap) and also to my office colleagues and friends, even my little brother uses it already. I dropped by their stall in one of the bazaars at Rockwell about 2 weeks ago and was surprised to see the Tan sisters (Jamie and Justin). We were able to talk about their products and other things that made me want to immediately fast forward to 2012! Geez I'm so excited.

Update #4 - I'm turning another year older ^sigh^

About a month ago, he asked me what I want to do on my birthday. I was frozen. I literally don't know what to answer. Haha. I want a lot of awesome things to happen but you can't have them all at once especially if there are time constraints. I guess I need to buy a time capsule. I thought about it overnight and wasn't able to sleep but I did wished for something. I'm just gonna have to wait for awhile until that  specific wish comes true. :)

For now I'm gonna blog and enjoy life. I still have approximately 2 years to finish off childhood and daydream about things that I might want to happen, of course I will bring you with me (I'm referring to you special, whoever you are) everywhere I go.  And yeah, welcome to the world wide web deary! You'd surely be my best bud until Nov. 17, 2012 and I, for the love of it, promise to renew your yearly subscription as my commitment to a life filled with happiness on simple things.



"Shouldn't it be that easy
To just be happy for awhile
Get lost in a moment
Wasting time trading smiles"
- Smoke, Tristan Prettyman

Blue. Purple. And Pink.

After our SUDDENLY-I-WANT-TO-SWIM adventure at Bosay Resort in Antipolo with my girlfriends Alyssa and Kaye, we decided to rest at my polly pocket place (as how my friends call it). Kaye was sleeping and Alyssa and I are in the mood for taking photos.

I made a video of our outtake. Enjoy the show readers. ;p