Today I turn 25 with LOVE


I wore this last Nov. 21st, the day I was all wet by the chilly rain and got sick the following day

I was born a day after my elder sister Aze celebrated her 1st birthday, which basically made us twin sisters by heart. 

25 is a significant number, perhaps because it is divisible by 5. It could mean anything significant this year, who knows.

I browsed on my Horoscope and the stars said that this year would suggest a period of communication and teaching. The stars also said that this year is a strong year for publicity and other endeavors involving spreading the word. Hmmm. Should I start preaching? Naah. I'm really not a good preacher, there's still a lot to learn. Haha.

Alright. There's one note that I will surely remember today:

Own the world and all of your dreams. 

-from my dear sister Aze

The world loves me, so I believe, will hope and have faith. And I, for the love of it, will continue to dream like a child and will make those dreams come true little by little, one step at a time.

I'm planning to accomplish 25 things this year. Are you with me?

Photos and Post Processing: by yours truly, when all you have is a self-timer and a bucket full of hope. I'm still hoping. :)