Donavon Frankenreiter @ Jam 88.3

When I learned from Alain (Jam88.3 Senior Shoutboxer) that Donavon Frankenreiter will be visiting the Jam 88.3 booth, I seriously sneaked out for 15mins just to take photos of him. I'm not a fan girl but knowing he's got a couple of songs similar to Mr. A-Z or Jack Johnson, I think that could count.

Donavon Frankenreiter with some Jam 88.3 shoutboxers inside the booth (photo was a bit blurry)

I have a shaky hand. Sorry for the blurred photo. :)))
Donavon had some CDs signed for the shoutboxers. He's really nice! DJ Lambert gave him some Jam88.3 stickers and look what he immediately did:

Jam88.3 sticker on Donavon's Guitar Case

He immediately placed the stickers on 2 sides of his guitar case. How sweet is that!

After taking this shot, he asked me to put it in my blog. Haha! I got a permission! Yey!
While writing this blog entrty, I listened to some of his music on Grooveshark. The songs that I liked the most were "It Don't Matter", "Free" "On My Mind", and "Butterfly". The rhythm and beat of his songs are so warm, friendly, and overwhelmingly hopeful - so as his fans and website says.

Anyway, you may visit his website here. He also have a Facebook Fanpage that you can like and a Twitter Page that you might want to follow if you guys want to be updated on his tours and other events.


Sunday Date - Sisterly Love

This a photo blog with my sister Aze. I'm too lazy to put some words. Haha. Enjoy!

Cheap Thrill Favorites - Siopao and Cream Puff ;)

7'11 Gulp and Siopao Bolabola | Mister Donut Square Whatever (I still think it's cream puff)

Random Fact about me: I have a big appetite for food. Beware.

(My week will never be complete without my cheap thrills.) ;p

Fab Find - Venus and Mars Naturals

I recently attended a bazaar at Rockwell Tent Makati called Fashion Palooza - A Trendsetter's Bazaar. I don't regularly go to bazaars to shop but when I heard that my favorite botanical shop will be there, I decided to drop by and grab myself a few stuff.

I'm a huge fan of natural skin care products, these are just some of my guilty pleasures. Before trying out new  brands and items, I read forums first and I search for products with good and positive feedback. And as always, I consider the price - I don't invest on anything that would only put my money to waste.

I came across this page on Facebook last July - Venus and Mars Naturals. And from then on, I regularly check on their page for updates.

Venus and Mars Summer Package
This was the very first package that I availed from Venus and Mars Naturals. They call it their "Summer Package" (Php 675 - all in!). It consists of a bottle of Spa Milk Salt, a bar of Lulur soap, the CPC+G "It" whitener, and the super famous Bare It All Cream - everything made from natural ingredients.

V&M Lulur Soap
My most loved product is their Lulur soap. When I first tried it, I was totally amazed. The effect was like "parang nawala ang pores" and it leaves the skin soft and smooth, perfect for people who have problems on rough, chicken-like skin.No wonder the feedback for this soap is really really good. Majority of the users use this to whiten and smoothen underarms. This is best used with the products included in the Summer Package.

I like cutting the Lulur soap into several pieces so I can maximize my usage
Other natural soaps from Venus and Mars are their Jagermeister Suit PORE Soap and Rewinding Stems.  

V&M Minerals - Blush and Eyeshadow
They also have their line of mineral make-up. I just got their Pretty Bliss Mineral Blush (Php 215) because of its matte finish and their Pure Pearl Mineral Eyeshadow (Php 145). And very true, their make-up can stay on the skin for long hours without retouching (I tried putting on the Pure Pearl Mineral Eyeshadow and it lasted for more than 7 hours). 

Have I mentioned their owners are very accommodating? The Tan sisters ( Jamie and Mary Justin) even helped me pick the right blush that I should put on my cheeks. :)

I can't get enough of V&M Naturals and can't wait to use their goodies too!

Visit Venus and Mars Naturals on Facebook or order items on their Multiply Site.

Subspace makes me feel like I've visited the outer space :)

My college friends and I went to this newly opened coffee house in Ortigas last Friday (Sept30):

Subspace , along Emerald Avenue (F. Ortigas Jr. Rd) in Ortigas Pasig

I won't be talking much about their coffee 'cause I just tried one. Their best sellers are Peanut Butter Latte and Purple Potato Latte, I ordered the first.They also have a variety of cakes, some of which I still can't name because like what I've mentioned, I just tried one of their drinks. Anyhoo, here are the photos that Kim and I took last Friday:


Paupi and Kimi

Neo, Kimi and Paupi

This alien (robot actually) seriously winked at me when I took this shot. Isn't it cute? :)

Yummy cakes and pastries of  Subspace

If you're looking for a place to just simply hang-out and chill, this would be a highly recommended place within Ortigas. Visit their Facebook Fanpage and experience outer space.

Subspace is located at Unit 103 GF Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd Ortigas Center, Pasig City.
Telephone number is 655-7077.