Jatujak - Sour and Spicy, Just Like Me :)

Biggie and I hit the mall earlier for a mani and pedi but weren't able to reach the cutoff (salon only accommodate customers until 8:00pm). We decided to have dinner at Jatujak - a Thai Restaurant that serves Thai Cuisine and Thai Ice Coffee. Here are some of the photos:

Jatujak (chatuchak)
Small place but neat and clean
Tom Yum Shrimp Soup - a perfect starter for an entire Thai Dining
Moo Grob (Crispy pork with cilantro relish)

Kao Kluk Gapi (Bagoong Rice) - Jatujak's Best seller

My Meal, but of course!

I've been writing a lot of reviews lately, so do expect more from me in the next couple of days. It has something to do with this photo:

Hohoho. Hope that I could be one of the finalists. :) I might ask for some support. So help me God.

Update May 1, 2011: You can vote for me here

xoxo <3

Good Friday, Good Burger :)

Good Friday. Fasting really doesn't work for me. My metabolism rate is so high that even if I eat 5 cups of rice in one meal, I will be starving and will be hungry AGAIN in a few steps, say 15 steps up a staircase. 

Anyway, back to my "BURGERIFIC" review. Since it's holy week and I honor Papa Jesus' sacrifice to all sinners of the universe (yes, I am Catholic AND will die Catholic), I practice NO CHICKEN, PORK and BEEF day every Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. 

On normal weeks (upon review of my daily habits), I crave for burgers every Friday. I don't why but I guess this has something to do with the Friday Banchetto at Emerald Avenue, Ortigas (thinking). And since today is a Good Friday which is supposed to be a "No chicken, pork and beef" day, I know the perfect place where I could possibly grab a delicious veggie burger. :)

Good Burger's Veggie BLT at it's BEST!

THAR! Delicious Veggie BLT by Good Burger. (mmm) This one is actually at it's BEST, meaning it's a double patty burger, perfect for a really hungry tummy. Good Burger is just a few blocks away from my apartment, I could easily jump there if I want to grab a healthy good tasting burger (they are open until 11pm). Burger buns are "pandesal-like", soft and very tasty. They serve other varieties of burgers (mushroom, chicken, etc) and their fries are good tasting too.

Good Burger is located at: 10 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo Pasig 
Contact number: 636-4663 or 636 -GOOD

Hungry for burger now? <3

Wax-A-Way Your Summer :)

Summer is my favorite time of the year. Though I really am not a fan of the salty waters (I always end up having red rashes on my back, itchy rashes to be exact), I enjoy having long walks along the seashore of white beaches pickin' up beach stones and collecting sea shells. And of course, this is the time of the year when girls needs to show a little of their skin. ^__^ Hello summer sun!

My friends and I planned to go to Puerto Galera (Mindoro) this summer. As early as March, we've been preparing for the trip. I scouted out some colorful swimsuits (which are, of course, fashionable but not that expensive) then suddenly, *ting* waxing just suddenly popped out into my head!

For a first timer like me, I'm quite hesitant with the idea of waxing the hair out of my legs. Ouch. Masakit (painful). But with the help of (c) Google and (c) Multiply, I found the perfect product. 

Wax-A-Way Hair Removal Kit

From Happythreegirls Manila, this hair removal kit is very convenient to use. You just simply have to follow the instructions provided in the kit and in less than 30mins, you will achieve the smooth flawless legs you'll never thought you'll have.

But of course you have to test it first. 

(I tested it on my toes, hohoho~)

This only cost less than php 400 and is good for 3-4months use. Compare it to a waxing service which will cost you for about php 250-800 in one store visit, this one is actually cheaper. And is cheaper than branded wax strips that you can buy at the malls. And mind you, the seller is REALLY REALLY accommodating and friendly (she's actually a high school batchmate).

(Alyssa and me enjoying the white sand beach of Puerto Galera)

And so if you guys have plans of trying out waxing your legs, just visit their website and order this product or for faster transactions, call +639175136383 and look for Desiree. :) (This is a mega plug Des, LOL.)

Happy Summer 2011! <3

Ohai ohai!

Oh my! Hi everyone. :)

I'm starting a new blog (again) and this time, I guess this will be the one I'd like to keep for life. I've used so many blog sites already: Wordpress, Blogdrive, Tumblr, even mini-blogs like Plurk (is that even called a blog?) just to keep up with my online life and that's aside from my social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Multiply, and Friendster (which is super duper outdated already).  Ok, I'm an online social bug. Sorry about that.

There are so many things that I'd really love to write about - love, life, food, friends, photos, places, lessons, fashion, bravery, weakness - and the list goes on. Until recently, after a few months of experiencing series of unfortunate events, I realized that I haven't really blogged about something useful. Useful in a sense that other readers could benefit or could get something from my non-sense writings. And suddenly I came up with this idea.

Before I flood my blog with lots of things that I would really love to share, let me introduce myself first - not because I want to be an online icon but simply because I think it's the right thing to do.

"50% of my day is spent sleeping, I can sleep for like 16hours straight and would still feel sleepy afterwards"

As I always say, even from my previous blogs and all of my ABOUT MEs, I am not pathetic, I’m just thinking out loud.

I really can’t describe myself in one word, its just too hard. They say i’m a mystery, an intriguing figure. I refuse to be typical because I’m not. I am an optimist by heart, and has a pessimistic mind. I’m a believer of stupidity and insanity, and somewhat occasional gullible. I’m transparent inside out. They say I look as if I have a very VERY strong personality (well, not really) but honestly speaking, I have a VERY weak heart. I like singing stupid songs out loud. 

(Photo taken at Puerto Galera, Summer 2011)

I'm somebody who constantly goes up against the world of the-next-big-things. I’m an ANTI-IT. I’m often misread by people around me. They say this, they say that, blablahblah!

I easily get amazed with simple things, be it f1 racing, a song, a photograph, a fashion icon, a stick of cigarette, a bag of cheesy popcorn,a bucket full of sunshine, anything! And hell yah, i’m not crazy! I am just very much overwhelmed with those simple little things because I do appreciate life and I’m inlove with life.

Party to me is dancing out in the rain, singing your heart out with karaoke until your voice gets husky, eating street foods like tokneneng or fishball or isaw with your buddies, turning up the radio ‘till your neighbor freaks out - oh my, this is so much fun! Plus the basketball games and the joyrides and the dancedancedance and the drink-till-you-get-tipsy with your buddies. I really really love them!

I do love long rides too. on trykes. on buses. on jeepneys.  and big bikes. 

and racing cars

and ferraries. or maybe magic carpet rides, who knows?

The RAIN has been, sort of, my best friend, I can live and die with it over and over again.

(Piggin' out, photo taken at Leslie's Tagaytay - almost 2011)

I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, though. apart from photography, I'm also inclined towards music, as music is my only motivation. I once dreamt of putting up a band one day so I can also sing infront of the crowd, Then I got bored. Now, I'm a certified frustrated singer who doesn't even know how to play any single instrument! Haha!

I get stubborn sometimes. I never want to admit when it’s my fault. BUT if it really is MY fault, no doubt and no second thoughts, I say sorry.

I hate it when people think it’s all about the looks. They tend to forget one’s personality - which matters the most. Plus, I'm quite annoyed with  those people who thinks they can read other people’s mind. Well infact they don’t and they can’t. Whenever I talk and nobody listens, that stresses me out.

I'm madly inlove with LIFE and LOVE.


So there, I guess that's more likely to describe me. You'll get to know more about me once you start reading. I hope that in anyway, my blog could be of any help to those who are in search of things that are happy and things that are thrifty. 

Hop in and join me as I start my trip to thrift! <3