Wax-A-Way Your Summer :)

Summer is my favorite time of the year. Though I really am not a fan of the salty waters (I always end up having red rashes on my back, itchy rashes to be exact), I enjoy having long walks along the seashore of white beaches pickin' up beach stones and collecting sea shells. And of course, this is the time of the year when girls needs to show a little of their skin. ^__^ Hello summer sun!

My friends and I planned to go to Puerto Galera (Mindoro) this summer. As early as March, we've been preparing for the trip. I scouted out some colorful swimsuits (which are, of course, fashionable but not that expensive) then suddenly, *ting* waxing just suddenly popped out into my head!

For a first timer like me, I'm quite hesitant with the idea of waxing the hair out of my legs. Ouch. Masakit (painful). But with the help of (c) Google and (c) Multiply, I found the perfect product. 

Wax-A-Way Hair Removal Kit

From Happythreegirls Manila, this hair removal kit is very convenient to use. You just simply have to follow the instructions provided in the kit and in less than 30mins, you will achieve the smooth flawless legs you'll never thought you'll have.

But of course you have to test it first. 

(I tested it on my toes, hohoho~)

This only cost less than php 400 and is good for 3-4months use. Compare it to a waxing service which will cost you for about php 250-800 in one store visit, this one is actually cheaper. And is cheaper than branded wax strips that you can buy at the malls. And mind you, the seller is REALLY REALLY accommodating and friendly (she's actually a high school batchmate).

(Alyssa and me enjoying the white sand beach of Puerto Galera)

And so if you guys have plans of trying out waxing your legs, just visit their website and order this product or for faster transactions, call +639175136383 and look for Desiree. :) (This is a mega plug Des, LOL.)

Happy Summer 2011! <3