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Excited for June - Home Bound Baby!

travel essentials

Excuse my random photo above, I'm getting a bit hyped for the next days to come despite a very busy schedule. There are things that unexpectedly happened this year and although some came unplanned, there's one thing I am definitely sure of - I'm bound to visit my home country this June! Yeheeey!

The La Boracay Lifestyle

Welcome to the low seasons here in boracay!

The white sand of Boracay has been my favorite playground for more than 6 months now. On my wee hours, I get to capture the beauty of the island and the “beauties” visiting and living on the island.

I have marked a special spot at White Beach Station 3 (near Asya Premiere Suites) I consider my studio - this is where I normally hold photo shoots for my friends. Here are some them:

The beach is for the ladies and ladies' most powerful weapon when in Boracay are their beautiful pair of bikinis. Now if you’re Boracay bound and haven’t found your perfect fit just yet, go to your favorite online shop and get a pair or two, maybe three even – swimwear can be a bit pricey here so I suggest better come in prepared instead. Zalora swimwear has a wide range of selection of colorful swim wears for different body types, perfect for beach goers just like I am.