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A Satur-DATE: When Traditional Evolves To Digital

2.25.2012 - The day big sister had her locks digitally permed.

Biggie and I went on our usual catching-up date to U.P. Diliman last Feb. 26, we were (I mean SHE was) in the mood for taking photos. Plus, she just got her locks permed by Beauty Brick Salon - I think she deserves to have a new DP for her Facebook. It was a sunny afternoon.

I was on my usual loose-top, denim shorts, and pair of my EVER RELIABLE green sneakers. The temperature back then was so hot, only proves that summer is already near. Pardon me with the weird smile, my molar tooth is in terrible pain.

And of course, the star of the day. Biggie would have loved her hair the traditional way - long and straight. Good thing she got out of her comfort zone to try something new. See how beautiful her perm is! Her floral dress also matched the sunny weather. I also noticed that biggie, despite the ups and downs a few months ago, is getting back to her happy self again. Whew, big thanks to the ONE up there, His magic works in incredible ways. (~.~)

So the date.

We started our date with a few snapshots. She then took me to Chocolate Kiss Cafe. I later on realized we had our desserts first before we had our main course. Haha.

The Chocolate Kiss' version of Blueberry Cheesecake is love!

My personal choice - tempting Devil! (MMM)

Her choice of Frappe. ;p
I really enjoyed the sweets from Chocolate Kiss Cafe! It gave me a sudden sugar rush despite the toothache and I turned clumsy in a few and look what I just did to myself:

Spilled water on my shorts. Tsktsk! Bad Jhoysi! ;p
But thanks to the weather, the spill on my denims evaporated instantly.

We walked a few more steps just before the sun finally went down,  there are places inside UPD that I haven't visited yet. Would've been better if we crossed the other side of the campus. OWGAD I miss Sefali!
Lola mode. Haha!

For some reason, I suddenly craved for "isaw" (grilled pork/chicken intestines) and I insisted that biggie and I should probably drop by to grab a few sticks. It will never be a UP date without Mang Larry's Isaw.


Mang Larry's Isawan has their own systematic way of order taking. They get the customer's order first, place it in a piece of paper, take the customer's payment, and have it queued for serving.

No wonder they are still a BOX OFFICE HIT in UP Diliman. People from all over the metro visit this place just to buy their famous "isaw".

Biggie waiting.

Me waiting. And covering the swollen face because of toothache. :(

One of the few breakthroughs from Mang Larry - a mic for dispatch! YAY!
Now this surprised me. It was just last year when I visited and after a few months, Mang Larry's Isawan already has an upgrade! Kumikitang kabuhayan indeed!

"Isaw" will never taste as good as this without Mang Larry's dips. My favorite? Spicy vinegar.

Dapit hapon na, BOX OFFICE HIT pa rin! Kudos Mang Larry!

And yet another breakthrough! A digital signage! Pwedeng pwede na talaga magpa-ISO certification si Mang Larry!

As I wrote this entry, I realized something and it all boils down to this: technology has indeed improved people's lives. A drawing of stick figures could turn into a more beautiful imagery with technology on it - just like my sister's digital-permed hair that looks really good on her. Or a traditional business could be more organized and systematic if technology is in it - just like Mang Larry's small business that is still a box office hit on any UPD afternoon.

Don't you think it's about time for me to evolve and give myself an upgrade?


Food Trip: I saw ISAW. :)

There's something about UP Diliman that makes it a very special place to me.

It's where I've spent most of my days during high school - we did a video shoot  for a project in Filipino III (MTV for Someday We'll Know by Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman) at the Forest Lagoon in the midst of the "A Walk To Remember" days and finished a research project that won 3rd place in our annual Science Investigatory Project at QCSHS.

It's where I was embarrassed for answering a phone call on a live concert,  addressing the caller by somebody else's name and getting my very first red rose afterwards. That was Valentines day and I felt like a princess. :)

Unfortunately, it's also where I visited the UP Fair a couple of times but never really had the chance to get inside the concert grounds, not even close the carnival area. The view outside seems to be more fantastic, I don't know. I always end up going somewhere else.

Despite and in spite all these, I still keep coming back to UPD.Why?

"Mang Larry's Isawan"
ISAW. Yes, grilled animal intestines of either chicken or pork. :D

The isawan area at UPD is famous for their super affordable isaw, my bestfriend Jane knows it. There are a couple of stalls that sells isaw but nothing beats Mang Larry's sawsawan (dips). It is located along E. Ma. Guerrero St., near Parish of the Holy Sacrifice.  Prices ranges from Php 3.00 - 15.00 only. Weekenders go here and would normally buy 10-30 sticks of "isaw" for take-out. Whenever I pay a visit, I would always see somebody I know - an old acquaintance, some school mates or a batch mate, or close friends.

That's me isaw hoarding. Haha. (Photo by Kaye Agron)

Kelan kaya ang balik ko dito? :)