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Missing My Online Life, And So I'm Back!

Hello from B!

It's been a while since I last updated this page. I'm no longer a city girl and getting a stable internet connection has been my problem lately. Thank heavens there are cafes here with free hi-speed internet connection (I just found one today, thanks to my good friend Vicky). Anyway, I'm soo back to blogging guys!

I just recently relocated to the beautiful island of Boracay in Malay, Aklan. I've been staying here for a month now and so far, so good. Life is better here, indeed. The beach, the sand, the sunset every afternoon, and all other things. Geez. Much as I want to share everything in one post, I can't! Every photo I took since I went here has a story to tell so I guess you'll just gonna have to wait for it.

More to come, I swear!

Joy with a C.

The Making Of An Island Girl

My hopes are high when I decided to finally leave for good and work somewhere else where my skills and competencies will be further utilized (nax, lalim) - I'll be an island girl soon. Mid-December, I started collecting sets of "island girl" inspired outfits and accessories so today I'm sharing one.

When I was at Boracay a few weeks back, I noticed that majority of the locals are living in simplicity - laid back hair less the combing, denim shorts, sunnies and hats, flats and all. And this is the kind of life I wanted - no limitations, no boundaries, fly high as you can.

Quite a good decision to drop by Tiendesitas to score some denim shorts and a comfy cotton top, I was able to get a set for less than Php 500. Plus, big sister bought me this hat for Christmas, hihi. So much for a spoiled baby girl. *winkwink*

I just got back to Quezon City to spend my remaining days in the metro with my family - they've been very supportive with my decision of moving to another town and live a life I've always wanted. And I just recently signed up for Instagram.

Few more turn overs and I'm all set. I can't wait to spend every afternoon watching the sunset and cooking dinner of fresh seafood. I can't wait for my nth independence. I can't wait to take pictures and go places and finally meet strangers and share them my stories. I can't wait to find happiness! I'm sooo ready for you 2013!

Joy with a C soon to be an Island Girl of B ;p

Photoblog: SuperSale Bazaar Day 3

The good thing about being involved with Marketing is that you get to meet a lot of people and go to lots of places. 

I went to SuperSale Bazaar on their 3rd day to purposely expand my network of contacts for a project I'm working on. Surprisingly, I found different online stores owned by young Filipino entrepreneurs  that sells quality products with reasonable prices. Here are some of my favorite stores:

Cocomo Clothing 

Cocomo Clothing  | Tassel Earrings are perfect for summer! 

Cocomo Clothing  | Hats and Detachable Collars

Cocomo Clothing  | Cocomo's latest swim wear collection

Cocomo Clothing 

Cocomo Clothing 

Cocomo Clothing  | Swimwear on Sale!

Cocomo Clothing  | They also sell different shades of nail polish
Love Alicia and their collection of dainty dresses!

Les Roux  and their collection of different accessories!

Les Roux is also famous for their Feather Hair extensions
Flattering Tops

Comfy Soleil Flats 

These are just sooo vintage love!

Island Girl Philippines 

And of course, my all time favorite must-visit store: Venus and Mars

Yes, they do have a lot of customers dropping by just to meet the owners of the store.

Justin Tan, the personal VnM "Siri" ;p

Products and features of VnM

Blogger meets VnM Dynamic Duo

There are so many Fab Finds here in the Philippines, isn't it?