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Portfolio: Chasing Fianca

It's been a awhile since I did a fun shoot. Meeting Fianca in Dubai got me back to baby photography. The last one was with Pio, a few years back in the Philippines.

There is something about Fianca that inspired me to go back to photography. Capturing kids' emotions can be a bit tiring: you will have to do almost everything to make them laugh and smile. I did it without any efforts.

Happiness is -

Posting this because I'm extremely happy. And most of all, loved. :)

Intangible Things That I Am Happy About :)

The feeling of being happy, hyped, and getting butterflies in your belly  all at the same time is one of the most incredible feeling I felt today. I can't refrain from smiling, I can't stop myself from jumping up and down like a free baby bunny.

I received 3 surprise gifts today - one from Sir Arnold (a pink comfy office slippers which I forgot to take a photo), one from our company owner, and one from my mentor. Gift surprises. :D


I also worked on a different department today (morning shift), borrowed a pre-owned station from the Apps Dev team, and began drawing a site map. We presented our partial project and got a good job from big boss. And to my surprise, I was able to blend well with the team's personality. XD

Was able to tour Toy Kingdom Megamall yesterday. I'm a kid by heart.


And lastly. <3 No words could describe how I feel whenever he leaves his personalized foot print on any  of my things, obligatory or not. I'm happy and blessed that I am spoiled, loved and taken cared of. :) 

Cheap Thrill Favorites - Siopao and Cream Puff ;)

7'11 Gulp and Siopao Bolabola | Mister Donut Square Whatever (I still think it's cream puff)

Random Fact about me: I have a big appetite for food. Beware.

(My week will never be complete without my cheap thrills.) ;p