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Piknic Electronik Dubai - Season Ender 2016

music festival in Dubai

Before I flood the blog with several posts of my #georgiatravelmoments, let me quickly dump the photos we took from Piknic Electronik Dubai season ender 2016 that happened yesterday at The Address Montgomorie. This is just one of the many music festivals I have attended here and I'm loving how Dubai is adopting this trend from different countries all over the world.

An Instant Dip - Aqua Pool Party and A Feel of A Tech-Savvy Marine Theme Park

How often do you go out to socialize and mingle with lots of people? And when you get to participate to these kinds of events, how fast does it get to your circles?

People nowadays want other people (in their own circles) to know their own whereabouts - where they dine, what they had, who they were with. Social media sites specifically Facebook and Twitter have been the favorite tools used by most Filipinos to connect with their friends real time. The virtual world has been more accessible with the help of the latest gadgets currently available in the market.

In today's demand for advanced digital technology and an evolving online lifestyle, Manila Ocean Park introduces the latest technology to become the leading tech-savvy theme park in the country. I'm one of the lucky people to have a first hand experience as they go High Tech. ;)

The Event

Art Attack - Pinwheels and Buntings

I never knew I could be this messy when art hits me, take a look at the photos:

On second note, this is in preparation for mother hood, KIDDING! Haha! It's for a birthday party, actually. This party is for Love And Arts Studio's photo coverage for Baby Pio's Colorful First in Rainbow Burst.

Aren't you excited? 'Cause I am! And I will not stop cutting little strips of papers until the rainbow colors burst in my messy room!

I'm wearing my falsies today! Expertise: 5 (scale of 1-10). Improving!


Debut Coverage - Mookie Yvonne Turns 18 :)

My first take on debut coverage.

Mommy Karen was my ex-colleague from a previous company. Last month, she asked for my help organizing a surprise party for her daughter Mookie Yvonne,  who just turned 18 last Sept. 23. She wanted a Luau Themed debut party.

Location: Jade Palace Restaurant (106 Shaw Blvd. Pasig City)

Party Invitation | Graphics and Layout by yours truly
Mommy K wanted the invitation to be simple and cute so I made this layout. We had this printed on a matte poster board (it looks exactly like a post card) and believe it or not we've only spent Php 450 (approximately $10) on the invitation for 80 guests.

Event Photos:

The Debutante - Mookie Yvonne

Debutante's Mom - Karen Santos - Cagujas

MUA - Mei Magsajo

Cagujas Family (L-R: Mommy Karen, Mookie, Daddy Jojo, and Jeo)

I forgot to mention I also hosted the party - so that's like multi-tasking: hosting and taking photos all at the same time! Haha!

xoxo :)