Bolinao - Why I Love My Hometown + My Favorite Places

Photo of the white sand beach in Patar, Bolinao Pangasinan

When I miss where I grew up, I find comfort in looking at my old photos. For me, the quaint town of Bolinao is the anchor of such memories. 

Bolinao is a place where you can smell the ocean and feel the warm sun. Every photo I take there takes me back to special times. It’s also where my children first fell in love with nature’s beauty.

 A Place of Natural Beauty

Drone shot of Patar Beach in Bolinao Pangasinan

It's like a real-life paradise, with beaches that have super soft sand and clear blue water – perfect for chilling out and feeling like you're in a dream. The colors are amazing – the bright blue sky meeting the turquoise ocean makes a picture that looks too good to be true. 

Balingasay River - Bolinao Pangasinan

But wait, there's more! Bolinao also has the cleanest river in all of Luzon, so clear you can practically see the sky reflected in it. It's beautiful and refreshing, all at the same time.

Rock Formation View Beach in Bolinao

Right next to the calming beach waves, you'll find giant rock formations that look like amazing sculptures made by nature. They've been around for a super long time, shaped by the wind and weather. These rocks are dramatic and peaceful all at once, creating a stunning view. It's like looking at a piece of history, and they make you realize how cool our planet is. So whether you're relaxing on the beach or checking out the rocks, Bolinao is a feast for your eyes and a great place to unwind.

Bolinao Bound? Beachin', explorin', and gram-worthy spots this way!

Beach bum, adventurer, or photog extraordinaire? Bolinao has something for everyone! Get ready to sink your toes in the sand, discover hidden wonders, and capture picture-perfect moments. Let me show you around the best spots to relax, explore, and snap those Insta-worthy pics for your Bolinao getaway!

1. Patar Beach (Google Maps Link)

Drone photo of Patar Beach

Patar Beach in Bolinao is like a real-life Instagram filter.  Imagine soft, golden sand between your toes, crystal-clear blue water begging you to jump in, and sunsets that explode with orange and pink fireworks. Plus, it's super kid-friendly - they'll love building sandcastles and chasing the waves.  And the best part? You might even see local fishermen doing their thing, adding a cool dose of authenticity. If you're looking to relax, recharge, and soak up some serious beauty, Patar Beach is your perfect paradise!

Photo of kids at Patar Beach

2. Bolinao Falls 3 - (Google Maps Link)

Get ready for a waterfall symphony!  As you get closer to Bolinao Falls 3, the sound of rushing water gets louder and the air feels like it's been filtered by a giant air freshener. The falls spill into a natural pool, perfect for a refreshing dip (or just dangling your toes for some cool-down). Lush greenery surrounds the whole scene, making it feel like a secret hideaway.

Now, here's the honest truth: There's a bit of a hike before you reach the bottom, and climbing back up might feel like a workout. But hey, the view is totally worth it! Plus, there are shops selling yummy local food nearby, so your whole family can refuel after the adventure.

This falls is all about nature's beauty on blast, with a side of yummy snacks. Perfect for anyone who wants to relax and escape the ordinary (just maybe skip leg day before you go).

3. River Village Resort and Restaurant - (Google Maps Link)

photo of River Village Resort and Restaurant
This place is like a giant playground with a gorgeous ocean view.  Kids will go wild for fish feeding and kayaking, while parents can chill by the beach (or maybe take a secret kayak spin themselves!).  The beach is open from 8am, so you can snag that perfect sunrise pic.

photo of River Village Resort and Restaurant

photo of River Village Resort and Restaurant beachfront
Here's the thing: the restaurant opens a bit later, but trust us, it's worth the wait.  They take cleanliness seriously here, and the food is amazing.  For a true Bolinao adventure, try their "boodle fight" feast - it's a messy (but delicious!) way to experience local flavors.  Top it all off with their famous tinola, and you've got a taste of Bolinao magic!

4. Rock Formation View Beach - (Google Maps Link)

photo of Rock formation view beach Bolinao
Forget crowded shores, Bolinao Rock Formation View Beach is your secret paradise.  Think rugged rock formations meeting the endless blue sea - it's a scene straight out of a postcard!  This hidden gem feels like a secret handshake with nature, perfect for those who like to wander off the beaten path.

photo of Rock formation view beach Bolinao

photo of Rock formation view beach Bolinao

Heads up: the sun gets pretty intense between 11am and 3pm, but hey, that's also when the rocks get their most dramatic lighting for those epic pics!  For just 75 pesos, you can soak up this natural wonder - a steal for the experience.  This beach is all about Bolinao's wild side, raw and untamed beauty at its finest!

5. Camp Puor - (Google Maps Link)

photo of Camp Puor
Ditch the fancy hotels and embrace the adventurer within. Here at Camp Puor, you can pitch a tent, kayak across the water, or just take a chill swim – it's your adventure, your way!

photo of Camp Puor

photo of Camp Puor - river side

Come nightfall, the camp transforms into a mini Siargao with a crackling bonfire (think cozy vibes and s'mores!).  The best part? Camp Puor is super affordable, perfect for families and groups.  They have these cool huts called "kubo" that add to the rustic charm, and wait for it – at night, fireflies put on a magical light show! 

Beyond the Waters: Last Stops Before You Go!

Almost done soaking up Bolinao's awesomeness? Hold your horses (or carabao?), because there's more! Here are a few last stops to truly soak in the soul of this beachy haven:

  • Silaqui Island (Google Maps Link): Picture this - crystal-clear water,  and giant clams that look straight out of a sci-fi movie (perfect for drone shots!). It's a paradise for anyone who wants to chill and reconnect with nature.
Giant Clams Silaqui Island

  • Bolinao Lighthouse (Google Maps Link):  This iconic lighthouse stands guard like a friendly giant, offering panoramic views that will blow you away. Think Instagram-worthy moments for the win!
photo of Bolinao Lighthouse

close up photo of Bolinao Lighthouse

  • Sungayan Grill (Google Maps Link):  Craving fresh seafood and Filipino hospitality? Look no further! This legendary spot lets you devour the freshest catch while cruising down the cleanest river in Luzon.  Basically, delicious food, stunning scenery, and good vibes all around.
Sungayan Grill floating restaurant

photo of Sungayan Grill's Seafood Fiesta Boodle Fight Style

These aren't just places, they're Bolinao experiences! Each one captures a different side of this charming town. So before you say goodbye, dive into these adventures for the ultimate Bolinao finale!