My #NewNormal Came In A Little Bit Early

I was about to write my first sentence in this blog post when Dani cried - she needs to be fed in between her sleep. If you have been following/stalking me on the rest of my social media channels, you probably know by now that I am exclusively breastfeeding my daughter since birth.

After today's blogging session with my friend Kieth (I love sharing what I know about the blogging world), I planned to publish a long-overdue first mommy post kasi many of my followers on IG have been waiting for updates about my mommy life. But just like what happened, I've been pausing any blog related activity to attend to my 'boss'. The time now is 9:14pm and since April 28, 2019, this has been my new normal.

Mommy Juyjuy - An Introduction

I'm telling you now I'm great at taking my own pabebe portraits. Shot on Fujifilm X100T, on mobile remote timer 

Complete 360 turn, yes, that's what motherhood will do you in a very good way (although some may disagree). Totoo yung sinasabi nila na we will never know we are capable of so much love until you give birth to a child. 

I changed a lot - that's what my close friends would tell me whenever I get the chance to meet them for a cup of coffee. They told me that they see a totally different person which I really don't get at all because I still eat a lot, I still go places, and I still take photos. The only difference is I have another tiny person beside me na, kaya mas enjoy.  It really feels great to be a mom. 

What I have noticed though is decision making has become more difficult as soon as you enter motherhood. I've been very careful with my actions and words. I question my decisions a lot these days. I would always consider my child first before my benefit. Does it always happen like that? 

My #NewNormal includes interrupted writing (She Cried Once Again) and that's OK

We are all trying to adapt to the new normal in this pandemic - I have long started a new normal since last year. Before Dani, I thought breastfeeding was only for women who lives in the province. But I did, while working at the same time, because I can and my support system is stronger and bigger than you think. Who would've thought I'd enjoy it myself and make it to more than 1 year and counting? 

Anyways, the Mommy Juyjuy that you will see on this blog now will begin a different way of documenting her mommy adventures. A new voice came out from my new normal, and I'm excited to share it with you. 

PS: How would you like to read about a very honest review about baby diapers?