Here’s A Secret: I Never Really Liked Dining Out!

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All of us may agree that the UAE has undergone the "delivery revolution" and is an evolution from the times when everything was ordered in stores for take-out or so we call "to go". And unlike in most places in the world, here you can have almost anything delivered at your doorsteps, food, beverage, a car battery, new tires, your laundry, groceries (at a minimum cost) and even professional services like party hosts and entertainers via phone or online. Try ordering a clown; you’ll be amazed that this is possible!

food delivery app photo

With the digital world ever-changing and adapting to our daily needs, necessity and luxury, the delivery revolution has made itself available on our smart devices via mobile applications or websites. And a huge percentage of deliveries requested by consumers are for food and beverage. Being able to cook your craving without stepping out for the grocery and have all your ingredients delivered at your doorstep is always good. Having cooked food delivered for your consumption at work or while on your pijamas is even better, and some of us never really liked dining out!

I’ve been testing and reading about a few of these food and beverage deliveries for a while. If you’re from Dubai, here are what most of us couch potatoes and workaholics have on our top 3:

Deliveroo -

food delivery app photo

Originally originated in the UK, Deliveroo launched in Dubai November of 2015, an international event that included other parts of the world like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. Their delivery crew looks sharp on their riding jackets, with food stored in an insulated and branded saddle that sustains the food temperature 'till it hits your doorsteps. Available both online and via mobile app, Deliveroo promises a 40 mins delivery time and earlier on most occasions, which is a big plus. A handheld timer certified delivery (wink), plus you can monitor where your food is while in transit via regular notification. I use Deliveroo for food delivery in my office place.

Restaurants include: Toko, Clinton St Baking Company, Sapori di Bice, Ping Pong, Fume, Baker And Spice, Busaba Eathai, Eat Greek, The Sum Of Us, Rossovivo, Circle Cafe, Fraiche, Crab Tavern and Sushi Counter.

Talabat -

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For more than a decade now, Talabat has been a straight-forward online delivery service available on both online and via mobile app offering it’s services in UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain. They also accept online payment or cash on delivery. Unlike Deliveroo, Talabat does not charge a fee, but you may have to order a minimum amount from the restaurant though. The maximum 1 hour estimated delivery time may be a bit frustrating specially for your hungry crew, since the orders come in 10 minutes late most of the time (don’t quote me please). There is no way of you tracking your orders but it will eventually arrive in a branded restaurant bag/s and satisfyingly hot and tasty.

Restaurants include: Sushi Counter, Subway, Burger King, Wendy’s, Noodle House, Johnny Rockets, Pei Wei, Pizza Express, Caliburger and Wokyo Noodle Bar

Food On Click -

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Offering more than 1,000 restaurants to hungry people across UAE, Food On Click was launched on 2010. This was made possible by, who claims to be UAE’s first and largest online delivery portal. Having international brands on its list, I guess we cannot argue about that. After setting up an account on their online system lets you easily order and pay online. Customer service is fast and great via chat and keeps you on the loop about your order status. They take about the same amount time as Talabat, to get your food delivered, which I feel is a long-wait. The free service is a plus but just don’t get chips or fries, not unless you like them cold and limp. They may have to work on their food insulation equipment. Having a not so good presentation and the amount of waiting kept this on the third spot, but definitely a must if you want these great food in your system. I love Krispy Kreme!

Restaurants include: Subway, Moti Roti, Pinkberry, Kcal, Pitfire Pizza Café, Vapiano, Maple Leaf, Pizza Express, Mooyah Burger, Sushi Art, Gazebo, Yo Sushi, Nando’s, The Noodle House, Zaroob, Krispy Kreme, Tike and Carluccios.

food delivery app photo

There are other online deliveries that cater to your taste based on your preference, from healthier food options to gourmet dishes. Fueling our minds and bodies is no longer a challenge, wherever you may be. For a fact that almost everyone delivers nowadays, no one should get hungry. Cheers to a happy tummy!

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