Morelli's Gelato At The Beach JBR

Before hopping on a photo shoot for a magazine, I kidnapped my blogger friend Kenneth Surat for some gelato treats at The Beach JBR. It's winter here in Dubai and you are probably asking why are we having ice cream?

The answer is simple: our winter is not as cold as the one in Europe with whopping negative something degrees all throughout the month of December. Here in Dubai, you will be surprised to see a lot of Europeans along the beach holding a cone or maybe of cup of ice cream while enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Pretty awesome right?

You can easily spot Morelli's at The Beach JBR where the restaurants are, you can check this link for the location. They have an outside seating area with umbrellas for warmer days. People who like sitting indoors can enjoy their ice creams and desserts inside the gelato shop, window seats are the best.

What We Had At Morelli's 

The photos on the menu tastes even better when our orders arrived on our table: Berry Pavlova Sundae, Pistacio Delight, Floating Heaven, waffles, and a cup of hot caramelo.

Berry Pavlova Sundae AED 45 - Wildberry sorbet, strawberry, fruit yogurt of the day, and soft vanilla gelato served with raspberry coulis, meringues drizzled with Magnum chocolate, a selection of seasonal berries and fresh whipped cream.

Pistachio Delight AED 42 - pistacio and hazelnut gelato served with soft Vanilla gelato and cream, drizzled with magnum sauce, and Mecrohe sauce in a chocolate cup, garnished with whole hazelnut, crushed pistachio, and Morelli's biscuit wafer.

Waffles and chocolate heaven were as good as well, just do not order them at the same time because you will go overly hyperactive after one bite - both have rich chocolate sauce that will make you run around your seat like crazy.

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Have a look at their menu on their Instagram account, they are serving ice creams and gelato all over the world including Dubai and Tbilisi and surprisingly, they have a branch in Manila too.

Disclaimer: We were invited to try their ice cream and gelatos according to our preference. Opinion and photos are my own. 

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  1. It looks so delicious. You have captured the delicacies and moments perfectly <3