Dolled Up By Beverly Hills Polo Club On ADCB Pink Polo Match

photos of Beverly Hills Polo Club clothes

Hello from the Philippines! I'm blogging today from my home country and geez, it feels so good to be home and be surrounded with lots of love from  my very close friends and family! You'll know more about who I am actually spending all my time with if you do follow me on Instagram through my instatories, so please do check it out. For now, let me quickly share what happened last November 4 at Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club for the ADCB Pink Polo Match.

photo of Beverly Hills Polo Club branch in Dubai

Prior to the match though, we were invited by our friends at Club Apparel to select what we'd like to wear. Like what? Yes, you heard that right! They dolled us up! We visited one of their branches at Ibn Batuta (if you're taking the metro, you can easily spot it near Starbucks).

Just recently I learned that polo matches are a big thing here in Dubai and people actually dress up glamorously to watch it. But since our team will be competing (HEPHEP, HOORAY!) , we picked something that showcase BHPC's lifestyle feel. Finding my size was a little painful but luckily, small and medium fitted!

photo of Beverly Hills Polo Club men's shirt

Kieth Walter and I, selecting our matchy matchy outfit for the polo match

photo of Beverly Hills Polo Club  black cardigan

After a few minutes of looking around, I found the pair that I'd like to wear: a navy blue Button Down Polo Dress and a white Basic Logo V-Neck Sweater .

What I Wore At The ADCB Pink Polo Match

My preferred outfit was paired with white shoes from Call It Spring , and it did really made me look a high school girl (inserts hohoho here) younger than what my actual age is. What do you think?

By the way, team BHPC won the match against ADCB. The rest of the event photos are here, enjoy and see you on my next post!

photos of Dubai Bloggers
From L-R : Kieth Walter , Marjanne, Me, and Patrick

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Sponsored post through Club Apparel. 

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  1. Amazing blog! Really love our matchy outfit during the match. Thanks for the photos too! See you soon!