#RSATravelTales: I Was UNLUCKY In Georgia... And Here's Why

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So there you go, a bucket list ticked off. I was given the opportunity to get an article published on Read Magazine Issue No. 266, page 14. Tons of emails and heart warming messages came in this week, I couldn't thank everyone enough for all the wishes. Everyone thought that the photos I took were awesome but I think, I could've shown more of the country IF everything went according to plan.

The truth of the matter is, I was UNLUCKY 

Well, maybe not for most solo travellers who perhaps experienced the worst, but if you have been following my entire trip to Georgia, you will know that I have also faced challenges in between. I'm ready to lay it down now, one by one, for the world to know where my frustrations are coming from.

1. This was NOT supposed to be a solo travel in the first place. We were UNLUCKY.

One of my best friends was supposed to be joining me in this trip. We initially planned it earlier in January, booked the holiday together, only to find out we had to cancel one of the vouchers last minute. Why? Leave approvals  ruined the whole thing and it's sad because we both listed all of the places that we'd like to visit. We even shortlisted helpful blog articles and we pinky-sweared we'll be taking each other's photos. *sad*

This explains how I didn't have any decent photo of myself but only crazy and what they call pathetic #knockthatdooryoulove and solo photos that are... well, see for yourself:

2. I wasn't able to bring the right socket for my camera leaving me nothing but mobile phone photos from the ski resort which is very UNLUCKY and UNFORTUNATE.

This is one of the lessons that I have learned in travelling, to research about the things that you are supposed to bring. Sadly, I only discovered where to get the right plugs and sockets on my last day in Georgia as I've mentioned here.

Just imagine how this photo or the rest of those I've taken on the last day would look like if I was equipped with the right gear. Could've been better.

3. I came to Georgia to get a view of the mountains in Kazbegi and the UNLUCKIEST thing happened: the weather went crazy.

This photo dump made me want to visit Georgia aside from several other websites that are telling me to visit the country because everything looks surreal and it's practical to do tours and activities. I even made contact with Rooms Hotel and they gladly offered a show around the property. To my dismay, I received this email from David, the tour operator who's been handling my trips outside Tbilisi:

The weather went bad during my travel and if you've heard about what happened to FZ981, you'll know what I mean because I flew to Georgia the next day after the unfortunate accident happened.

Hopeful still, I waited for the weather to get better and on my second day in Georgia, the dare devil in me is telling me to find a van going up to Kazbegi region. All I need is one photo of the mountains after all just to satisfy my curiosity.

BUT I did not risk it. I only have a few hundred dirhams, my passport, my UAE residence permit, my return ticket, and a health insurance to cover me up for the trip and I'm uncertain of what could possibly happen so I pushed it aside. Like David mentioned and I appreciate him telling me this, they don't take responsibility about the trip going to Kazbegi and bringing guests back. Travellers get stucked there for days, even weeks, due to bad weather. 

But I'm still hopeful and I swear to be back, I could have taken a marvellous photo of the region just like this:

Rooms Hotel Kazbegi in Stepanstminda, Georgia (c) Rooms Hotels
This is just one UNLUCKY travel story and you can find other #RSATravelTales here, one of my readers nudged me to share mine and so I did.

I'm still planning to go back to Georgia any time soon and try to live the dream trip I've always had before my obsession with mountain ranges. And if I ever will go, I will make sure that my travel buddy goes with me so we can still take good photos together, we will bring the right electrical sockets and extra battery packs for our camera, and lastly, we will make sure to touchdown Kazbegi no matter what the weather will be. ;)

*  *  *  *
I shared this true story as an entry for #RSATravelTales , photos are mine unless otherwise stated.


  1. hi po! i tried to contact the tour company you used (infoholidays01@gmail.com)
    but they required 50% of the price but to be remitted via Western Union.
    Please advise if this is Legit.

    Thanks! More power! (I've been reading your blog eversince so I hope you would reply)


    1. Hi, did you booked with the tour company you used (infoholidays01@gmail.com)? I tried to contact them and they require 50% deposit. Have you tried?