50 Shades Of Flamingos

Flamingo inspired outfit

3:00 am and experiencing jet-lag. I just arrived from Amsterland, Netherlands - a trip that has been kept a secret for awhile. From there I experienced another off the charts solo trip where I got to meet different people from different places. I think I missed my deadline, but hopefully this post can still count.

The shades I'm wearing right now is what I call "Flamingo Shades", I had a close encounter of the species the night before I left the city. Pink and white as I remembered seeing them in the dark past 11:30pm, when my ride was just about to take me back to the hostel where I was staying. He said he wants to show me something really cool so we passed by Artis, a zoo in Amsterdam where he usually takes his little niece for a stroll.

I think my spirit animal is a flamingo, it's just that I have tiny legs. Flamingos are very social birds which I think I am too. They can fly and swim and are very pretty in pink.

I honestly am running out of words to write today, maybe because I took a piece of Amsterdam with me when I returned back to Dubai or could be jet-lag. This never happened on my trip to Georgia though but who knows? Only time can tell.

*  *  *  *