What Makes Your Day

dubai nursery schools

My everyday day walk from the Metro is always a sight to see and every time I get to see these cute little kids, I get inspired. Holding hands while walking together is a symbol of unity, teamwork, and solidarity. Need I say more?

A cup of coffee sure makes a day as well, it feels so good to be inspired again. :)


Bloggeroid for Blogger Test Post

Hi from Dubai!

I just downloaded this app on Playstore for mobile blogging purpose, thought I'd give it a try.


All Iz Well

Arabic 101 - Arabic Language

A friend from the Middle East is teaching me a little of the Arabic language as I'm always eager to learn new things. Everyday, I become more and more interested on other people's culture - that's the beauty of living in such a diverse community.

The basics of Arabic are simple and if you mastered the right usage of words, you'll get by easily. I answered above through a movie line: All Iz Well.