Kish Island Visa Run Experience - 3 Days and 2 Nights

Kish Island visa run for filipinos

I moved to Dubai last December, the first time I ever stepped to a foreign land. My friends say what I did is  the most liberating thing I have done recently. And I think it was, too.

Leaving the Philippines had always been my plan a few months back when I was still in Boracay. I somehow did not expect the process to be that fast - I was out of the country in less than a month or so.

travel to Kish Island iran

I went to UAE on a tourist visa under the sponsorship of my aunt. From my experience, a month is more than enough for job hunting. If you end up unemployed in 4 weeks, something is wrong with you because Dubai has a lot to offer. I got the job I want by the way, I am now working in the travel and leisure industry. Lucky me.

travel to kish island Iran

Part of this journey was my exit as a tourist to finally move to an employment visa. I was introduced to Kish Island in Iran. Majority of those living in Dubai said that the island is depressing and majority who visited wasn't able to come back. Either they weren't granted their employment visa or they were introduced to something else but it wasn't what I expected.

tourist spots at Kish

kish island iran

Kish Island is a place of hope. There is a strange serenity on the island that suddenly moved my soul to go on further.  I was moved by the people I met there - my room mates who I shared beds with for 2 nights. Too bad I missed the island tour, I would've seen other places.

Kish island food
Cakes and pastries were sold per kilo at very affordable rate (1 small box is only AED 13).
where to stay at Kish

When you are stuck in an island, sometimes you can't help but contemplate on life. I almost thought I was in a shit hole. But still, I feel blessed. I feel blessed to have stayed for only 2 nights and to have received an employment visa right away not waiting for more than a month or so. I feel blessed that I am in good hands and is being taken cared of by the best family in the world. I am loved and someday, I want to pay it forward too.