Portfolio: Anne and Fil (Boracay)

This is just one of the few reasons of my getting extremely busy just before the plane took off.

Anne and Fil were my foster parents in Boracay. They started as best of friends and I witnessed how both fell for each other (sweet!). Getting Dad (Fil) to say yes on this shoot was never a hassle - I have always been his favourite kid in town and he just can't resist my annoyingly cute tantrums. I'm surely gonna miss these two. Enjoy the set!

I Sort Of Went Somewhere

So. The last post I had was way back September. A lot have happened and I went somewhere again because of something only God knows what it is for. I sometimes feel like I don't want to be a part of the plan any more. It would really sound way way better if you will be THE PLAN, don't you think?

This blog will be somewhat alive again (hopefully), it's just that I am still trying to put things back together and I am looking for something worth writing for. You will need some inspiration once in a while.

Join me again on my trip - from the island and beyond. A new chapter will be made this 2014 - the gulf life.