D-I-Y Sessions: Handmade Paper Making

"The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which mean never losing your enthusiasm."
-Aldous Huxley

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Back when I was still a kid, I used to make "butingting" of all the things I own. My favorite hangout place would be the junk shop in front of our house at Quezon City (where I got the deepest scar on my right eye) or my dad's workplace - a cluttered offset printing press where I would gather different kinds of paper and make them into a note pad of my own. When Daddy (my great great uncle) was still alive, I used to be his personal assistant whenever he needs to finish a household project at Bulacan, which I really enjoyed by the way. These used to be my definition of fun,  I never knew I would take it with me until I grew up.

Inspired by "basurerang" sister, here's to share a D-I-Y activity you might want to try at home: 

Roses Are Red - Black Book Series

My baby Cancan (Canon DSLR 450D) is finally back! Yoohooo! Big thanks to Canon Philippines Customer Service team, they've been very helpful in fixing the lens of my baby. They normally give 14 working days for a damaged camera part to be fixed but I they got mine,  fully operational,  in just 5 working days! Good job!

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My DSLR has been a part of my everyday life already. If I can only take pictures while sleeping, I will! It sort of broke my heart when I found out 3 weeks ago that my lens is not properly working. I don't know what happened but the lens seems like stuck and is not moving. What's worse is that I have few events scheduled for end of April and early May. Without a functional lens, I won't be able to document the events I've been to.

Then I suddenly remembered Camera Cart, an online store via multiply.com renting out photography equipment such as lenses, cameras and photography light packages to both professionals and budding photographers. I have availed their services way back 2008/2009, when I was still practicing on digital photography. The very first unit I used way back then  was a Canon 350D. I was able to contact Sir Melvene (owner) and luckily, he still remembered me.

I did a funshoot with my dear friend Lea last May 1 using a rented lens (28-105mm Canon Lens) for only Php 350/day. And with my Camera Cart Membership Card, I was also able to get a discount! Yay for the thrift!

So without further ado, here's a photo dump of Roses Are Red - a photoshoot inspired by a red lipstick. Haha. I would've uploaded all those amazing photos of my dear friend, it's just that majority of them are not for show. ;p


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