What I Wore Wednesday - Outfit Photo

When I walked around the office wearing this long Boho skirt, people joked that I'm gonna be an old maid. I don't think so. I kept a promise inside my heart and locked it there, I'm hopeful and thankful that I, for all the imperfections I have in my bones, am loved and well taken cared of.

(Sorry guys, I already met the man of my dreams. And I'm gonna marry him someday. ;p)

What I wore:
Top: Black Printed Long Sleeve Sheer top from MEXX
Bottoms: Bohemian Skirt grabbed from my big sister's closet
Shoes: Black Peep Toe Wooden Clogs from So Fab!

Despite the fact that I move and act like a guy or something, I think I can be fashionista sometimes. I'm sorta made of different flavors.

I'm somestimes on Lookbook. Hype this look here!


  1. di naman old maid look! :)
    it's actually artsy, i love it!

  2. Thanks Gracey, you're so supportive! :)