A Christmas Date

When you're too lazy to say it with words,say it with pictures.

Biggie and I went out for a date last Sunday (Christmas Day) where we went to UP Ayala Techno Hub. We haven't seen each other for 2 weeks and thought that we might need some catching up to do so on days like this, we would normally go somewhere else where we could just sit, drink coffee, eat, then chat and talk about life.

My elder sister has a sense of style. She really has good taste in clothing. Most of the time, I would sneak into her closet because I know I would always see something nice though we're not of the same size.

This Christmas, she got me this very awesome dainty dress. When I tried it on, we both thought as if the dress was made for me.

Photo by Aze, my elder sister
2011 has been a little rough for the both of us, I would say. Just before the year ended, however, we received so many blessings and something to look forward to for the next years to come. Aren't  you excited?

Anyhow, we ended the day with some post processing sessions after downloading all the photos we took during our sibling date. Few more days and she will be in transit once again. :)


  1. i love your maxi dress. they're so comfortable to wear and very flattering too. you and your sis look like you have great style :)

    i'm a fellow pinay :)
    i have a beauty blog over at http://slavetovanity.blogspot.com It would mean so much if you can follow it.i would gladly return the favor. :) let's support each other since we're both pinays? have a great day ;)

  2. hi! the person who's wearing the maxi dress is actually my elder sister (author of turningchoosedays.blogspot.com)

    followed you! :*