Thrift Tip: Choose Thrifty Clothes ;)

One reason why I love shopping at Tiendesitas is that they have a variety of pretty and trendy tops that never go out of style. Let me share what I wore yesterday (Sept. 18, 2011) when big sister and I went to ADMU for little brother's ACET:

Earlier this year, I've been filling-up my closet with tons of floral tops. I don't know why.

I got my top at Muffin Clothing for less than php 200 (they are always on sale) and my denim bottoms for only php 150. The only thing that don't belong here is the pair of red wedges I got from Milk and Co. (php 800 +), my office colleague has tons of brochures for shoes etc for orders and payable in credit terms. Hohoho~

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Christmas is almost near, have you noticed my color palette here? Haha.  



  1. You are gorgeous babe! Lovely outfit! Subscribed! :)x


  2. Wow thanks! This means so much! Keep on reading. :)